IK / FK Switch. How to animate?


Hello. Does anybody know me to say how I should animate a leg or arm that has IK/FK Switch?
Which is the animation process? Which parts I have to Key?
Should I place a Key in IK/FK Switch, in all Joints of the FK skeleton and in the Control of the IK skeleton?
When to use FK or IK with the Switch system?

I bought the book CG Toolkit - The art of rigging, but the book doesn’t talk about animation process. I tried to animate with IK / FK switch but it is very confused, since it had never used that process.

I thank if somebody can me to answer those questions.


alright, when you set up an fk/Ik arm or leg, you usually have a blend that animates between the two. So, if you are in Fk mode than you need to animate the Fk arm controls, if you are in Ik, you need to aninmate the Ik arm controls, and if you are in a blend between the two, you probably want animation on both Fk and Ik controls. All of your animation keys should be on the arm/leg controls, and the switch (wherever that is).
-2 cents-


Thank you. I will see what I get now.


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