Ik elbow doesn't listen to pole vector



I am trying to make a little running animation, but I am running into a problem.

1 of my IK arms starts pointing in akward angles when the hand and the shoulder get too close.
And when it does it also ignores my polevector controller in anyway.

I checked for stray keyframes all over but nothing I could find.

I also looked at the IK handel, but the Arrow of the handel it self points in the right direction.

Then I stumbled on a related component called: effector.
This thing does follow the same awkward angles as my actual arm does, but I still don’t understand the cause.

Maybe it is some kind of constraint I accidentally created?
If so I have no idea how to check or fix that.

So does anybody have an idea what could be going on?
And what can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


This might be a rigging issue. Did you rig this yourself?


Yes I did.

Do you know something I could check?


It “might” be an extreme pose situation. If it’s not a problem with you, do you mind sharing the file so I can check it out?


O yeah, sure take a look:
Y_Bot_Run.mb (8.0 MB)


Hello @Magic-4e,

Sorry for the delayed reply.I believe that while rigging your L arm, you would have added an IK while the joints (shoulder mostly) had rotations. I freezed them and did the IK set up again and it works fine (I did not re skin it however). Can you try the same and tell me the results?


Good to hear you found something.
I gonna try that later.

Say,… You wouldn’t happen to know how to freeze a skeleton without having to redo all IK’s and constraints?


As to my knowledge, you have no other way other than Unbind Skin> Redo the set up with freeze transfrom > Bind Skin. Skin weighting should be pretty easy since it’s a Ybot.

Let me know the results or if you found another solution to your problem :slight_smile:


It worked!

Sorry about my previous comment.
I thought IK handles and constraints would block Freeze transformations, like skin weights do.
But appart from my hip joint they all just freezed. (Still had to redo skin weights one by one :confounded:)

And, after copying my animation back, my elbow won’t twitch anymore.
Thanks a lot. :smile:


Awesome. Glad I could help! :smile: