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Hello everybody

Here is my Creature Developer/Character TD Demoreel. The emphasis is on muscle and skin deformations, cloth, fur, rigid & soft body dynamics. It took me a while to finish it, character rigs are muscle driven with lots of scripting. Production was done in Maya, with textures made in Photoshop and compositing in AfterEffects. Please give me comments and critics.

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You can also download demoreel credit list at

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nice work! woulld have loved to see some facial rigging/animation of the realistic human model. but good work overall.:thumbsup:


outstanding…what’s the muscle system you are using?


Nice reel! I like your shoulder setup.

:thumbsup: 5 stars!



it’s beautiful. You are very good artist. You must have a very much modeling and rigging, how long you do that sport guy in hose? I joint to the question of katana2665.

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Very nice reel Igor, great rigging skills!
Keep it up!


It looks like some custom made rigging system.
I assume since I don’t recognize interface.
Again, excellent work!


Oh my, outstanding stuff.
Keep up.
See ya.

5 starz.


Hi everybody
Thanks for comments

To katana2665 & HEKTOR:

I created standard joint hierarchy for skeleton in Maya. Some parts are a bit more complex, in order to simulate behaviour of real bones in body, such as rotation of collar and scapula, twist of radius and ulna in arm, ribs for breathing, and spine. Creation of bones geometry allowed precise placement of all the joints.
Then I modeled muscles with tendons, and I created independent joint hierarchy for each muscle so it could be stretched between bones to which it is connected. I also developed a mechanism for correcting the shape of muscle depending on the rotation of bones, which is similar to blend shapes and allows easy corrections during production. This is important because for instance biceps muscle is not linearly interpolated between tendons attached to humerus and ulna since deltoid muscle with its weight is blocking movement of biceps upwards. Also, some muscles such as pectoralis and other torso muscles, as well as scapula, are sliding over the ribs instead of linearly stretching between tendons.
In the end, I binded skin and applied all muscles as influence objects. Since they are evenly positioned in body, very little additional painting of skin weights was required. Also, very important thing is for skin wire to follow real muscle placement. That way deformations will look natural.
It took me about six months for this project, including time for modeling of skeleton, muscles and skin, script writing and testing. In the end I decided to use simple shader since emphasis is on skin deformation.

Here are also some more pictures from demo reel.



very cool work!


good job! Keep it up!


great work igor
i love the muscles
the work u have done is incredible

i’m very interested in the topology
fascinating edge flow

i have only seen one more piece of work that can
be compared (as TD work)
here’s the link:

check him out (if u haven’t already)

only crit is: now u have to make some controls for the animators and a way to import mocap data

5 stars from me


Very impressive work! The muscle deformation is incredible. The only think that seems off is that the speed of the contractions is uniform (every movement has a speed up and slow down) and the skin seems way to thin. Also some of the muscles could use a tad more jiggle when they stop moving (primarily the pecs). The legs don’t move?


Hey that’s not bad but there’s something weird on the shoulders, looks like there’s excessive penetration or maybe it’s just the weight not properly assigned (see attachment).


Great work Igor, this is most extreme muscle setup that I have ever seen.
Custom UI for adjusting muscle deformations looks great.

:thumbsup: 5 stars from me.


2 words 5 Stars

amazing work
and fenomenal setup!



Great job mate.:thumbsup: 5 stars!!!


Great work. There is a lot that I can learn from you. Keep it up. :thumbsup:


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