IFA, Marcel Haladej (3D)


Absolutely awesome, some of the best 3D work this year already and certainly deserving of a header.

Cobra 6


excellent work :thumbsup: !!


Brilliant, great attention to detail. Glad to see work like this executed so nicely.


Amazing work! Congrats! :thumbsup:



beautiful image! gotta love these old rusty vehicles from east germany

some info about the mobile crane (german only)


love all the details in your scene.


the model is amazing, the texturing flawless and the render in all is amazing


Wow. Awesome job. I honestly thought you composited the 3d on a photo.
Your attention to detail is amazing!


Really loving the whole scene. Lighting is awesome and moody, composition is great. Everything just stands out. Wonderful. :applause:


Awesome work Marcel :slight_smile: The level of details is amazing, also love dirty dark atmosphere. Just amazing skill


Reminds me of Marek Denko’s work…very nice!


Best piece of 3D I have ever seen! Flawless :bowdown:


wow this is flawless. You really have set a very good scene


Amazing Job!! I would really like to see how you put this together :slight_smile:


Very nice! Is it possible to see a raw rendering without any PS post work? I would like to see how it came out straight of VRay!

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Hi all,
Thank you all for your nice comments ! I appreciate every one. :bowdown:
Rawwad : dikes Tibor!
Also thanks cgs for award :slight_smile:

Here you can find hires render (2000px):

And also clay render , as i posted it earlier :


slow applause

That… is… impressive. Congrats on some stellar work. At first, I thought it was just the vehicle that was cg, but then I saw the clay render. Awesome job.


very nice work :slight_smile:


Awesome Work have so much to learn!


The truck glasses…WOW! Perfect as always. Congrats.