IFA, Marcel Haladej (3D)


Title: IFA
Name: Marcel Haladej
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, MARI, Photoshop, VRay

After quite a long time I finished my new personal project called IFA.
Idea is inspired by “rebuilding” a part of the city, where all old houses and gardens were replaced by new commie blocks. (small village became the largest borough )
Made in 3dsmax, crane was textured in Mari, rendered by great Vray and postproduction in PS.

I hope you like it.


Whoa that’s amazing. How much was 3d, how much was photo?

Got any wireframes/clay renders?

Great job!


Brilliant! Superb job!
Wireframe would be interesting.



Thanks gentlemen, here is clay render :


WOW! Incredible realism! I like composition of the shot!


Brilliant!!! Very good atmosphere…


impeccable render


Congrats, love the details, everything is beautiful


Abosolute brilliant, I hope it get a cg choice award. How long did you take to do the image ?, please answer me.

Gabriel Herrera


i like it :slight_smile:


amazing modelling & very good render


Woow !! Now this is one great piece !! This is the staff that pushes me to learn more and more. One of the best renders Ive ever seen. May I ask you, how long it took to model and texture ?


insane! well done.

keep it up :slight_smile:


Lovely work walking that line between realistic illustration and photography.
Plugged. Congratulations.


I’d imagine for anyone wanting to create assets for a feature film, this would be a benchmark piece.

Absolutely incredible.

Cool to see an actual context for all the dirt and rust, by the way.


Amazing Image - Great Rendering and Compositing - Looks very realistic.


Amazing work!


amazing work


superbe work on the environement , the truck is nice too :slight_smile:
please , put a wire view :slight_smile:

best regards



Everything is perfect, Awesome work :smiley: