If You Want to Draw Figures - READ THIS: Frank Reilly Method of Figure Drawing


Check out this great link which details Frank Reilly’s Method of Figure Drawing:



Here’s another good link about Reilly’s art and teaching:



Here is a book written by one of his students:

Mastering Drawing The Human Figure From Life, Memory, Imagination (Paperback)
by Jack Faragasso

Here is the author’s website:



Rebecca! This is THE drawing method I learned and have practiced all my drawing life. I was taught by guys that trained under Fred Fixler who studied under Frank Reilly. All the gesture shapes and graphic lay-ins are on that page you found. Wow. I picked up some points I hadn’t been aware of such as the station and connector points. And reading his history is interesting as I realize his close assocation with D. Cornwell (another top favorite illustrator I study). Really glad you posted this.


Awesome info!

I too am a decendent of the Reilly Method, through a student of Fred Fixler. Watts Atelier (www.wattsatelier.com) keeps this tradition alive, as does California Art Institute (www.calartinst.com) and LA Academy of Figurative Art (www.laafigart.com). It seems like ateliers are popping up everywhere these days teaching the Reilly Method and the Bargue sight-size method. It’s really exciting to see a resurgence of classical figurative art; it sure seems that it’s been out of favor in recent years.


I have you all beat. I was a student of Fred Fixler. :slight_smile:


Hi Rebeccak and friends,

I am soooo happy to find this forum and links!
You are changing my goals of studies and all that will be precious to my illustrations.
Thank you very much!


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