If I was a superhero `Acting Animation`


Hi Guys,

I was working on this animation for couple of days. I’d like to hear what you think C&C are welcome…


There will be an another shot that shows the guy on the right is a real superhero and trying to rescue some people in a car… or something like that :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…



lookin good, ill have to watch it at home so i dont get yelled at at work. so i cna give a crit. but looks good so far


The test looks great. Do you have any rendered versions or up to date stuff?


Looks pretty good so far, the only thing I can see at the moment is that the real super hero doesn’t look like he is pulling to much with the ammount of strain ur putting on him. I would suggest arcing his/her back more, alot more, so that they’re leaning far back, and this will give the illusion that the object she is trying to pull actually weighs alot more or isn’t letting go. Also the way the character gets tugged back isn’t really correct either, they would get some free, and then it would stop and the character would get tugged back towards the object, but the object wouldn’t move back into place.

Hope you get my meaning, but I’ll keep up with your stuff and see how it goes when you get more. Good luck, and have fun :slight_smile:


Horns_1: Hope to hear your critique soon…
hype2006: Thanks… I’ll animate today and so some fixes so hopefully there will be an update tonight…
Skye Phelps: Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Well, i guess you’re right about this weight thing. I thought the same as you, more back and some forward to balance himself. The only thing I was afraid was this superhero guy on the right of screen will attract attention. So well loose the focus for our main guy on left of screen.. Ill have a look and update my stuff soon :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I made some changes, here the link;


I’ll fix the IK pop-ups on the right guy. Also I changed the punch… Let me know what you think…


I get what your saying with the loosing attention on your main character, but you really from what I see you’re already loosing that attention. There are a few reasons your real super hero is attracting so much attention, 1. He’s in a cool shiney suit, that attracts your eyes right away. 2. The shiney suit is moving alot, you glance at the guy talking, but you get attracted back to the shiney like a fly to light. 3. His movements just don’t seem as natural as the main guy so your eye gets drawn to the odditie. 4. He’s also just alot cooler, he looks kooler, shows more emotion, and just is more interesting to look at, the other guy just looks like a robot, and we’ve all seen plenty of those, but here we have a guy yanking on something wildly with a shiney suit, :slight_smile:

So… I wouldn’t worry about where the eye is attracted to, I’d just make the animation look right, people are going to look at the shiney guy more because he’s cooler and more fun to look at, so I would suggest making what he’s doing interesting, maybe he’s pulling the wild mutated tree root out of the ground, that would explain why it’s thrashing about so much… Point is, he’s the cooler guy, but right now the animation doesn’t really show what he’s doing. Give him a purpose to what he’s doing and the animation should all fall into place. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Michael,

Thanks for the crit. Well, the only thing I can say about the shiny suit of the right guy. He’ll not be rendered like that. It will be a normal suit which doesn’t shine at all :slight_smile:
I’ll see about his motions and make a more detailed upgrade…



PS: ALso I will add the 2nd shot, so we’ll all see what’s going on better…


Nice job on the acting on the left guy. But the punch looks weak. The strength of a punch comes from the hips. So you could animate the body of the shiny guy some more. Also when the left guy gets punched, his spine is rather stiff when he falls. What if you had the body fall down with the head rather than the other way around? Like having the body follow the head as its hit. Maybe that’ll give it some more “punch.” :smiley:

Keep up the good work.


Hi Guys,

Here it is… There are some changes. In the punch, in the fall of the left guy. Also I added the 2nd shot to be more clear…


Hope you like it…



ok, thats making alot more since now, the tugging you have going on flows much better once you show that second scene, just a couple of suggestions for this one…

I would still have him leaving further back, trying to pull that heavy car up, he should be leaning really far back, I mean it’s not like he’s going to fall backwards with a car trying to pull him down, so exagerate the strain he’s going through to try to pull that car up… secondly, when he throws his punch, i think the rod should slip out his other hand just as the punch lands, and he scrambles to catch the rod again, it’d make it more entertaining and believable… right now, the car seems to have the same weight pull when he’s using both hands and just the one, so the rod slipping would show that he had just been able to hold on to it, and it just got to heavy…

that’s all for now… looking better though, keep it up :thumbsup:


Ahhh… Crap… stupid servers… Lol… I just had this long c&c for you, and then it said the servers are to busy, and erased it all… oh well… let’s see if I can remember everything I said :frowning:

Ok, the project is making alot more sense with that added scene in there, I would suggest however that you need to making the hero lean back even more than he is now, it’s not like he’ll be falling backwards with him trying to lift that car up, so really exaggerate it so that there is a real sense of weight and strain on him…

also… you should have the rod slip out of his hand when his punch connects with the other guy, right now the car or rod, appears to have the same weight whether you’re using one hand or both hands, having the rod slip, and him flaining to catch again, would be entertaining, and would show that man, this car is freaking heavy, and he was having a hard enough time when using both hands… lol…

well that’s all i can remember, but it’s looking alot better and making more sense, keep it up :slight_smile:

*****HAHA Guess it posted that other one anyways, oh well *****


hehehe, cheers man :slight_smile:

Have a look at this update;





Ok, I really like the way it’s coming about now… I see you added that leaning back into him, and a couple other things… but the car still doesn’t seem to have the weight it should when he lets go, it’s as if he anticipates the weight the wrong way by leaning forward before he punches…

I think you should have him lean way back right before he punches and then have him pulled to that forward position during the punch and then he grabs it again with his free hand and pull back really far and a bit faster, over compinsating for the weight of the car… basically just don’t let the falling of the car stop as he punches so that it shows that it still has that weight and it pulls at him even more when he isn’t using both hands…

Oh… and not that its easy to see, and I’m sure you know this, but his hand clips through the guys head, then travels through his arm :slight_smile:


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