Idiotic Beginner Question


Why is it that when I create a nurbs circle with these parameters…



they are the default…is that all you wanted to know?


I end up with a gap in the circle. Sometimes several gaps depending on the settings.


And when I loft with these options the loft object looks smooth in the viewports but renders without a smooth rim.


As shown in this render.


better if you show what your work looks like, and not just the options.
don’t know why there is a gap but that can be fixed from Edit Curves> Open close curves…there you can close it.

for the smooth rim, you can also fix that in the shape node in your Attribute Editor, Tesselation…

in there you can change how many tesselation the ‘poly’ gets(nurbs get converted by the renderer before render)


you know you can post more than one sentence for your thread.


Thanks for your suggestions, I was testing them out. The tesselation changes in shape node corrected the render problem. As far as closing curves with open/close curves I tried every combination and I can’t get the curve to close. I’ve used Max, Lightwave and Rhino but the nurbs circles were always created closed.


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