Hey guys, here’s what’s keeping me busy for a while now :smiley: It’s now all in the hands of the gods of Apple and iTunes store.

iDevCam is an upcoming app that allows you to control the camera in 3ds Max with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

With iDevCam you can move, rotate or drive cameras in your scene simply by moving and rotating your iDevice.

Check out the first promo :surprised

And the resulting preview:

Hope you guys like it!


Super! :thumbsup:


Cool - which versions of the Iphones are supported ? 3GS or 4 ?


Thanks hotknife. Well that was kind of a struggle I had with myself but this version will run on every iDevice that supports 3.1.3 +, so iPhone 3, 3GS and 4, iPad 1 and of course iPad 2, also iPod Touch.

The requirements are iDevice with 3.1.3 or above and 3dsmax 9 or above.


weery nice


It’s glorious, so much wish for an Android version :smiley:


Thanks Hristo… well, you could wait for it OR you could buy an iPhone or iPad… I’m selling both :cool:


I’ll wait for it.


That quite rises up the stakes :smiley:


Haha, I meant, I’m selling both iPhone and iPad!!! I dont garantee an Android version… sorry :expressionless: But hope to do it!


Android has a bigger market share, it may be worth it.


does not really help for the “payed” segment. At least in Game-Apps it’s hard to earn money on the Android side, even harder than on the iOS side…


I really wouldnt mind doing an Android app, I’d love too, but I’m starting to get into this iOS programming stuff and really cant affort to work on both at the same time without affecting both quality and release times. But like I’ve said, it’s part of the plans, it will only take a little more time.

Thanks for the props guys!


I don’t intend to stray off topic, but I am completely ignorant of actual market app sales.
I just did a little research and that is very surprising to me. Android app market is expected to have twice the downloads and only half the revenue of iOS.


Not surprising at all. Android users are more on a budget. I think Android revenue compared to iOS is actually much lower than half for most apps. Apple managed to break up the “pirate everything” culture with iTunes. Apple users actually buy software. Windows and Android users are not there yet.


Hey guys… have I said that iDevCam is NOW for SALE on the App Store? :applause:


If I understand the videos correctly, the iPhone works more like a “steering wheel” to the camera, instead of a direct translation of the phone’s rotation, right? Looks like it’s a bit unintuitive… would it be possible to directly translate the rotation of the phone to the rotation of the camera, so that you control the cam the same way as if you would film with your iPhone?


Yes, that is possible in theory. This version works like a steering wheel because I wanted to support older devices on 3.1.3

Thanks for the feedback!


I really can only find this useful if it is a 1:1 movement of the camera and device.


And that’s what’s happening now, but you have to admit that some kind of support to give it more weight and feel of a real camera would be cool… or you could attach two bags of rice to each end :smiley: