Ideas how to model


Wondering if anyone had any tips for modeling as in the picture, was thinking a free-ish sculpt of the body of the hanging portion but a bit at a loss for how get the selective gaps. any tips appreciated, thanks so much. (using Modo 11)


Try making a cylinder with the gaps. Then either use a soft selection/sculpting tools or Wrap/Lattice deformer ( maybe a combination if both )
You might also use a cage deformer to get the broad shape first, then tweak with soft move/sculpt.


Imagine a single row of long quads making up a cylinder from top to bottom.

Now cut a custom edge loop around the cylinder in the shape of the wave /angle you want.

This middle edge loop will define the ease in ease out of the many slices that will be created if you add divisions/edge loops around the two rows of polygons separated at the middle by the wave edge loop you placed. Add enough so that you can delete every other row to get the spaces and then you’ll have the shape you want. Extrude for thickness.


It’s been about 4 years since I touched modo, but would a spline cage and patch tool work in this instance? (sorry if my terminology is wrong).