Idea for future modeling challenge. (GEEK ROOM)


Relax guys we are doing Soldiers throught Time…

But I saw this piece and it inspired me

How about two months to do a GEEK ROOM?


I really like that one, this would be an awesome challenge, though I’m not sure if 2 months would be enough time to put as much stuff as I would like to in a geek room. Would certainly be still a lot of fun developing it.


That challenge should be a Team competition. Could be exciting to join force. A team of 2-3 guys


We will do this soon. First we are doing Soldier throughout Time.


I want to discus the next challenge.
So lets brainstorm some ideas guys.


I would say Myths & Legends

Dragons, Manticor, Fenrir the wolf, Giants, Ogres!


Oooh, I quite like that. No clue if I’ll be participating in the next one yet but as a suggestion, this one’s worth doing in my book.