idea for future challenge....


I been debating for a while of doing a fxwars challenge based on a common
story idea…

I been leaning toward doing a story based challenge around this…


hmmm good idea ,

but in this one i think not only the effects skills would work we would need to have and prove our skill level in other areas also, for instance whts happening in FXWars now is just an idea of how the effect would be … but in here as u say we need to work on the story line also, we need to work on how the effect had occured and whats it going to be…

good one though


I have some ideas for storylines…

Here are more clips for inspiration:
and the real deal:



Another idea I am mulling over:


WOW! That is sick! Much rather do that then rocketeer.


I really like the idea of a rocket man, the light house vid looks cool aswell, but the idea of a rocketman captures my imagination more.


wave and lighthouse sounds like an awesome idea! I’m in, but can’t wait to see what others come with.


We will do rocketman but not as our next challenge
I promise to make it worth you wait (it will be big)

And for those interested, I will be offering a model of a lighthouse for this mini challenge.


You ought to talk to Jeremy Birn and Juan Carlos Silva. Juan created an entire scene just perfect for this for Lighting Challenge #16, The Lighthouse.

This idea sounds neat. I might just make my first foray into the world of VFX for this next challenge.

Cheers and God bless.


Hi up! I was wondering about the magic (spells and all that stuff) could it be interesting.

That is an VFX reel of VFSchool just to reference the idea, but don’t need to be in a medieval environment could it be in a modern age.

just an idea :scream:



Look forward to it. :wink:


When will the next challenge kick off?


in one week


Excellent mate, looking forward to it!


Here is another idea for a future challenge

The Wizard of Speed and Time


I have to urn the midnight oil for a dateline at work…
Ill post the new challenge soon…



I have an idea we can do for a future challenge…




We are live!

CgTalk:FXWars! Lighthouse & the Wave! - Challenge:25


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