Idea for an one hour cinematography mini challenge


Ok here is my idea.

Four simple primitive objects would make available for download

They would be a square, a sphere, a cone and a plane.

A topic would be selected…

For example,

Grand Cannon vista, City by the sea or Car race or Building on fire

The challenge would be to create and render an image
under an hour that would capture the cinematography that would be expected of the place.
The rules would be simple

-Only the using the primitives can be used (they can be replicated)
-No textures.

The idea is to improve our framing, lighting and cinematography skills.

So what do you guys think?



I like it, sounds like a great TD challange.

Would there be a backdrop to mimick? or would it be free rein?

Colored lighting? Or are we trying to minimalize the external variables?

Definately a great idea


Thanks amorano for your reply.
I think the idea of trying to copy an image is a good one, but it could vary from challenge to challenge.

Colored lighting is not a problem, and atmospheric plugs could be used to.
After all the idea is to try to replicate the look of a real life environment.



I meant to respond to this yesterday.

Great idea. I’d be in for sure.

Question: Would Poser be allowed? :wink:


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