Icy Conditions, Marc Daniel Goecke (2D)


Title: Icy Conditions
Name: Marc Daniel Goecke
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

I finally finished a picture I started many month ago (snow picture again!). It is based upon a pencil sketch. The last few days I refined the charakter a little and added a landscape in the Background.

I hope you like it.



Brillant! Love the composition and direction! Very well painted! :thumbsup:

Easily 4 stars! Well Done!


Great work man
i’v seen it along time ago :slight_smile:
i’m glad that u finaly finish it,that fur looks great
good job


Great image, I particularly like the goggles:thumbsup:


wow … I realy like the reflect on his glasses … :thumbsup:
cool image … nice color …
cheers .


It’s a good picture.

I like especially the fur


:slight_smile: did you resubmitted this one? i think i saw that before from you…
Awesome degree of detailing… great job on this one 5 stars!!:slight_smile:


gr8 work man …
colors, nice perspective, good composition


Awesome work Marc! love your clean and polished style:thumbsup:


Great compo and atmosphere!


love the job on the fur…


colours composition and texture. btilliant! 5s


Nice atmosphere~Seems it was shown on your avatar before,right?cool pic~I like it:)


FINALLY you finished it :slight_smile:
Well, you already know that I really like it, excellent work dude :thumbsup: Impressive amount of details.

It starts to motivate me painting something again…



good job! i like it:thumbsup:


you finished it! ive been watching this one. it looks great!!


Thank you all for your commendations! :slight_smile:



The fur on his jacket is stunning! The lights are amazing too! :eek:


great work …:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: