Hi everyone, will be posting all of my finished works here and will start from oldest to newest so i will start with this project that used to be a WIP on CGTALK.

Darth Vader Photoshoot
The character was modeled in Autodesk Maya , sculpted in Zbrush, textured in Photoshop in combination with Mudbox and later added extra dirt details in Substance Painter, capes were simulated in Marvelous Designer and then refined in Zbrush, final render was made using V-ray and composited in Autodesk Composite.


Somebody stop me!
The Mask project inspired by the 1994 movie with Jim Carrey was a nice fun project created as a game model but primarily for 3d printing so the highpoly model had to be sculpted to get as much detail as possible in the print.The Mask was created in Maya & Zbrush and the texturing was done in Substance Painter as was the rendering.

The Highpoly used for baking and for 3d printing.

Gamemodel version with wireframe.

AO + Normal Map.


The 3d print process and final painted model.
Checking proportions on a likeness sculpt of a real person.

Orienting the pieces in the slicer.

All the parts printed, glued and ready for finishing.

The final result after hours of sanding, priming and applying paint.


Venom Pumpkin Jackolantern. for 3D printing.

The final paint version.


Pirates of Dark Water sword key.
Made this as a videogame version and will be 3d printing it soon.


Zoom/Black Flash 3d model, textured , rigged using Human IK and with a run animation. 3d Viewer of the model on artstation

Zoom animation made by Senlegio


The project is a recreation of Vigo The Carpathian painting from the movie Ghostbusters 2
The model was created in Maya and Zbrush , rendered in V-ray and the eyes textured in Photoshop, this is the first stage of the character, next i will be working on a realtime model.
A history of the character:
“On a mountain of skulls in a castle of pain i sat on a throne of blood, what was will be what is will be no more, now is the season of evil, find me a child so that i might live again”.
Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf was born in 1505 A.D. withing the Balcan kingdome of Carpathia near the border of Italy. After rising to power by using brutal and oppressive tactics Vigo ruled his homeland and later conquered the romanian region of Moldova with an iron fist earning him the titles of “Scourge of Carpathia” and “ Sorrow of Moldova”.History would remember him as a powerful magician, and intelligent genius but also as an oppressive tyrant, an egotistical autocrat, a psychopathic lunatic and a genocidal madman who committed numerous atrocities in his quest for ultimate power. As his foul deeds spread across the lands as a cancer the people began giving him new titles to represent the dark path he began to take ranging from “Vigo the Cruel” , “Vigo the Torturer” , “Vigo the Despised” to “Vigo the Unholy”. In the months leading towards his death Vigo used powerful dark magic to create a self portrait of himself that retained his essence, hoping that this would enable him to reach immortality in some stage. Vigo finally died in the year 1610 at the unnatural age of 105 when his subjects rebelled leading to Vigo being poisoned , shot, stabbed , hung , stretched and disemboweled. In a time when a normal lifespan was 35 , Vigo was able to extend his life three times over and it was possible he would have extended it even further if it wasn’t for the extensive and brutal execution he was subjected to. After he was decapitated his head told a final prophecy before he died : “ Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I’ll be back.

The Demon Head


Vigo the Carpathian realtime gamemodel on artstation


Hercules The Legendary Journey Fanart.

Growing up one of my favorite TV shows was Hercules The Legendary Journey, i used to watch that show religiously so i decided to recreated the main protagonist Hercules played by Kevin Sorbo. For this project just like other personal projects i always try to improve my workflow and to test new techniques so for this one i decided to try out UDIMS, to get better at Xgen, to try out the Wrap program and some other stuff. I also wanted to make everything from scratch, that means no basemeshes( i made a basemesh a long time ago so i wanted to start from scratch and update it), no scans and no solvers. This really forced me to create the primary forms, secondary forms, tertiary and small details since the actual character was created from spheres. With my previous Vigo character i wanted to do haircards and render the final videogame version in Marmoset, this time i decided to use Xgen for full on hairs and to bring that and render the final version in Unreal Engine.