ICE: SYFLEX - Pinning Constraints & Clusters


Ello Everyone !

I’ve been fiddling around with Syflex inside ICE, and I must say it looks impressive ! I’ve been reading through the official manual online, but somethings I still can’t wrap my mind around.

The Pin / Nail tutorials were fairly straight forward in their explanation. I know the Nail constraint is only useful with static objects like flags.

Syflex does the trick if I wanted to create a shirt without Pin Constraints. A shirt doesn’t fall off your character’s body. But what if I wanted to add Syflex (ICE) to my character’s pants ?

According to the manual, you’d assume that you need to create a Pin constraint. But it only seems to screw things up for me and doesn’t seem to provide me with the flexibility that I need.

Does anybody know their way around it ? Or to ask the right question, does any one know the golden rule behind it to create a solid solution. How do I make it work ?

Thank you kindly,


I’d try to do the same as the SyflexICEShirt example.


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