ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) questions


Hello guys,
i´m openning this post to collect here answers for all my questions during my ICE studies. Any tip would be highly appreciated =)

Is it possible to deform a geometry object based on a particle strand ?
Say i have a dynamic strand and i need to ‘envelope’ a plane geometry (e.g one feather) to that.

thanks in advance


Take a look at this compound -

Thank you very much ! 

I did a simple ‘parent constraint’ operation using ICE, eg. Null_1 drives Null_2.
Transforming Null_1 results Null_2 behaving like its child.

But would be lovely if i could force that as new Translation/Rotation/Scale UI handles rather than changing slider parameters

                                          The point is:

a Matrix 4x4 as new custom transforms and exposed into UI handles’, letting animators W-translation E-rotate R-scale

Is there any chance ?


Do you mean something like child compensate?


  I´m trying to replicate the Maya´s linear expression [link 1]( [link2](,topicNumber=d0e172899) [link3]( ...
 Could someone please ckeck if i am in the right direction ?  (screen is attached)

Is there any simpler solution, by the way ?

 Thanks in advance


Thelinear interpolate node ?


Thanks, that node did the trick !!






just want to share a simple study with you guys

hope you enjoy,


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