Ice-diamond Shader, Thierry Canon Dareoner (3D)


absoluement epoustouflant!:bounce:


fantastic work!
Beautiful materials are very realistic. I like it a lot.


These are masterpieces.

Five stars from me.


excellent display of rendering, shaders and textures. awsome job. :thumbsup:


Nice shader, and cool modeling method. That’s great that you could get that effect with low render times.


wow … . . .
[size=2]que dire si ce n’est bravo , tres belle etude doc , rien a redire ! ! !l’impression est tres , tres realiste,quel belle claque . . . .
vraiment superbe travail

front page ! ! ! - amazing render and details shader. .

5stars for me
comme [/size]mickatt, la 1ere image est belle mais en comparaison avec les suivantes . …


absolutely stunning, frontpage stuff :thumbsup:


Can you post your bump map please?

Or is it procedural? If it is, can you show the settings please.

Great images, and very nice, simple tutorial.



hey thanks all for you cool feedback:bounce:

m@lonet : yes , pour moi la premiere est la plus réaliste mais pas la plus artistique…j’te montrerai a l occas le truc en mouvement, c’est assez sympa

funchsk: it’s not a procedural, a simply wall photo in n&b


OK. Thanks.

I’ll get my camera out then. :slight_smile:

Also, do you enable “Reflect on back side” in VRAY shader?


funchski : no, the map for the sphere is the same of the planar, a classic scanline material with 100% selfillumination:)


Sorry, you misunderstand my question - I am asking about the Ice / diamond shader that you show the settings for in your tutorial. Do you enable “Reflect on back side” in the ice/diamond vray shader?

PS> Thanks for the quick replies.



funchski : sorry for my english…so i don’t enable “Reflect on back side” in the ice/diamond vray shader:)


Cool. When I get home from work, I’m going to give this a try.

Thanks for your help.:slight_smile:



best shader I ever saw 5stars.

This one “” look like photo.


Yeap :slight_smile: very nice work DAREONER. It’s very, very impressive, almost reel, OK reelll!!!



***** frm me…



Are you sure those aren’t real ice thingies?!



lUV IT!!



Man, that’s stupid good. WT%? AWESOME!!!5 stars.


Stunning realism:thumbsup: