Ice-diamond Shader, Thierry Canon Dareoner (3D)


Title: Ice-diamond Shader
Name: Thierry Canon Dareoner
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, Shake, VRay

i try to create ice diamond shader for a commercial spot (magudesign-
the images were not to exceed 5 mn because I was to make 3 mn of animation in one week so…no light, no displace, no GI, just a vray shader with refraction, reflexion and fog.
tutorial :
thanks :slight_smile:


others render:)


Utterly AMAZING! Perhaps one of THE most photorealistic images on CGTalk. Looks totally convincing to me.

Thanks for the tutorial, too! I will look at it later.


WoW, You are crazy man! :applause:

Fantastic work, It looks really great, 5 stars :thumbsup:


Wow! Outstanding work! They look like photos!

Its even more impressive that you said they render quickly - excellent stuff matey!

As unusual as this is, i think it deserves frontpage - its not everyday you see something so ordinary, yet hard to make rendered so successfully in Cg.

I love the lighting and ‘photography’ on them - great use of DOF - they would look good as framed prints in a swanky, modern apartment!



amazing work!

Now everybody can c what vray is able to do!:thumbsup:



rockymaru,rawwad : thanks :slight_smile:

Andy H : thanks very much for your cool critics …i appreciate

3ddrawer : yes, vray is a very very good renderengine for me for a real production (timing, quality ect ect)


absolutely amazing *****


awesome stuuf.
im impressed.congratulations :slight_smile:


Really amazing work !!


SuperB !!! No more, no comments-simply great :thumbsup:


[left]Hey “DAREONER”.[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]Amazing work , terrible shading:bounce: , Fantastic rendering and nice composition.[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]“Je suis sur le cul… , le rendu avec les “brindilles” , ainsi que celui du “diamant” , déchirent. Bravo.”[/left]
[left] [/left]


Excellent image! :thumbsup:


excellent thierry !!

ca dechire grave ! belle demonstration de rendu realiste…VRAY RULES!!

par contre jsuis pas fan de la 1ere image en revanche la suite casse la baraque

in english

that rocks !very nice example of realistic glass shader.

However I amnot fan of the first image but the rest is oustanding…


hey thanks all:bounce:

kik : content que ca te plaise:)

others render


mickatt : yééé ma caille, ecoute cé marrant mais pour moi la premiere est la plus réaliste…comme quoi cé bon de poster et de prendre du recul…


tutorial :slight_smile:


amazing work.i like :slight_smile:


fantastic image good surfacing .


this is just beautiful. you really nailed it