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hello every1, this is my latest project for my demo reel. its an arctic beast that is going to have a tribal like inuit rider on him. things are going ok so far but im having some issues with the edgeflow coming from his head to his shoulder/chest area. im not really shooting for a particular poly count as of right now, im just using whatever i need to acheive my desired look. im also not trying to model detailed muscle flow, just trying to go up and down and straight across unless necessacary. i posted some screengrabs of the area i need help in. a paintover with proper edgeflow or general suggestions would be great! thanks guys!

  heres my concepts
  disreguard the five siders please:) and the horns are a mock up(they wont be so high poly)


Geez the concept is amazing dude !!!
I wish I had nothing to work on at the moment :slight_smile:


hey i like the concept but the model looks more chunky. I don think the arms have as much definition as the concept and i think the legs are to fat along with th body. The face looks goood.

keep posting :thumbsup:


thanks guys, i guess i forgot to mention that the body was still in its very early stages, but if any1 has edgeflow ideas, it would be most appreciated


hey veedubb, first off: very cool concept sketch.:thumbsup:

insted of trying to draw little red lines all over your renders maybe this will help?
i have a character wip that seems to be pretty similar (from the neck up) and with what i’m pretty sure is some decent edge-flow
so if you don’t mind me posting in your thread (i’ll change to attatchments if you do):

i know you don’t have a specific poly count in mind, but you may find that starting low turns out better results that starting high and trying to get rid of things.
hope you find this helpfull.


Great concepts. I love the way you have the wrists curved round like a gorilla. It really makes it stand out from most other quadraped models

The edge flow looks pretty good to me. The one thing I think it needs are more loops that go around the mouth to help it deform smoothly. Just now you have one loop going round and a bunch of loops coming straight out from the corner of the mouth.

Also the muscle mass shapes in the rear view look wrong. He looks like he just too a crap that was 2 feet wide

Great stuff though, please keep updating


thanks for posting your screengrabs, i was inspired a bit by them. its coming along pretty descent now. yeah alchemist i havent really messed with the ass to much as far as the form. im trying to get edgeloops right first but thanks. i also have to reduce the polycount on the hands so i dont have to bring a shit ton of edges up the arm.

a lil update


to be honest you should probably just restart and salvage some of the peices. I have been in similar situations and eventually you end up with a not so attractive peice or you end up just restarting anyways. You HAVE to get the form down before loading on the polys, I have been in this situation so many times and i have finnally learned the importance of getting good form and slowly building up the polycount. Too be brutally honest your model has horrible form and strongly suggest you just restart before you invest more time in it.


yea laughbon, you were definately right about defining the form first, but i didnt need to restart by any means. w/ the help of my friend i managed to redirect most the edgeloops in the right direction and cut down the polys quite a bit.


Looking much better! Manipulate some verts in the arm/ shoulder area to “cut” the shoulder. Just grab a few of the outer edges of the shoulder muscle and push them in, then up a bit on the Y. Also on the second print screen you posted the connection from the pecs into the shoulder looks a little weird. It feels a bit disconnected. It almost looks as if the arms are coming out the back in this veiw. This is an easy fix as well just push some of those loops down in that are and critically analyze that area and you’ll be straight. I’ll do a quick OP to show ya since my wacom already out. Great work.


alrighty then, things are finally starting to get enjoyable, still alot to do though. i added the bone backrest thingy in which i quite like. that thing streched across the bones is gonna be a hide of some sort. once i finish up the rest of the quilt-like hide pieces ill be movin on to zbrush to begin the serious detail.i threw in the skeleton to give an idea of the scale of the rider. any complaints or critiques always welcome.

some quick renders


an update on the modleing and the start of the zbrush. still adding more accessories as i go along and will be cutting down polycount in the end where necessacary. comments always welcome:)


Looking good. Why are there some hard edges on the smoothed version?
How you gonna do the fur (if at all)?


thanks klepto. actually it was never smoothed, the normals were not softened in the screengrabs,woops. i may do alpha planes or mayas hair system for the fur.


WOW i hought this project was looking glimm at the beginning you really turned it around great job. Could use ALOT of optimizing though


thanks laugh, i may optimize later but no time right now. got my normal to work! getting close to texturing!


Looking really good, dark BG on renders doesnt show it so well, U gonna use fur? if so is there any point in adding the high detail through Zbrush? keep the updates coming…


Looking good, although like gordon7up said, it’ll be a shame to have some of the details covered up by fur.
How’d you get your normal map to display properly in maya?


thanks guys, i plan to texture the fur directlyr on him w/ the use of alpha planes, you will be able to still see some of the muscleclature and i view the normal map in maya by changing the the shading to high quality


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