Icaso's Dream, Icaso (2D)


Sorry to make such a mistake in this web site.

Please enjoy the images that are produced by myself.

All the images are done by photoshop.

Have a nice time :slight_smile:

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thank you Tito :slight_smile:


wow more stuff from you. Keep posting!
Everything is amazing. Nothing at all that I don’t like.


Varied and interesting works! impressive!:thumbsup:


Nice range in styles. :slight_smile:

The only critique I would offer on these is in the third one, the foreground fence blur seems a bit out of place, I see what you are trying to do though.

Keep em coming. :wink:


More stunning work from korean hands… You guys keep amazing me. keep it up. I like the first very much


I really love the feeling you captured in your last picture. The background is very detailed but it doesn’t draw attention from the main motive. It feels like the city is actually alive. Excxellent work!


wow nice, very nice. i especially love the last one for its feeling…

you’re a master


I like it…good job :thumbsup:


Can’t se the pictures. :frowning:


all i got is dead links… that red crosses i’ve seen so many times before… not very original… :wink:

hope to see your work soon…


I cant se them to :annoyed:


I love the style of this drawing you made. And take a look at those 2 funny creatures in the back! nice :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Amazing style
I:love: It


although i can see only one pic now… from it i can see it is definately stuff worth waiting for… :thumbsup:

there’s something unique about this…

like your style and the way you brought characters in center, emotion… great…

for some reason it reminds me of asterix comics… :surprised … i guess it’s because of the soldier…

looking forward to see more…


i like the environment and the atmosphere created with the depth of field effect. it really puts u right in the market place. just one thing- the soldier on the creautre is supposed to be too proud to neglect the little girl, while his expressions are right, but his posture should be more erect and …his legs they are dangling-coudnt help noticing that…but neverhte less great work

cheers :beer: :beer:


Nice to see such varied styles. Do you have one in particular that you do your work in the most or just whatever mood you are in that day?


Like the last one. Great style in general.


beautiful images!!

you have such a great eye for design in different styles-- great pose and lines on the pixie and the dragonfly. i think i might like it if the body of the dragonfly had a bit more curvature to it---- curving his back up to show his resistance to the wind as he flies-- or to show his response to being grasped by the pixie hands–i love the lighting & colors


Like your drawing, the depth effect is very well done in the market pic. The first two images aren’t showing, though.

Hope to see more!

Sir Patroclo


I can only see the littel girl offering the apple. Wonderful. Keep it up =)