Ibook for animation?


Hey, I’m currently in high school and planning on heading into the computer animation field in September. What do you guys think about using an mac ibook to do computer animation… like maya and stuff like that. Thanks.


Do you have it yet, or are you going to buy it?

If you do have it: Stats please.

You can do it (no personal experience here just going off the stats). Its not a great laptop. It is however cheap. I bet you can run maya, but dont expect it too run well. High poly will probably drag it down easily, and rendering will not be snappy.

You dont need a ton of power to run Maya well. but there are a few requirements.
Current Ibook:

  1. The ATI 7500 which comes with the newest model isnt great. It probably will run Maya, but dont expect high resolution models to be snappy.
  2. Ram. Its recommended to have at least 512. The max on an ibook is 640. This limits upgradeability, but for starters it should be satisfactory. I make do on 256 for the moment. Dont get any less.
  3. Processor. Older G3 max 800mhz. not the best but not too bad. not like its a PII or anything.
  4. Display. Max resolution 1024x768. thats pretty low for max res. Workable but low.

If you are buying this because it is cheap: do you need a comp right away? are you willing to save for something better? how long do you think it will be until the next comp? are there other alternatives?

A home built desktop system (PC) might be a more efficient buy. More power and more upgradeability for same price range.


the ibook’s low end video (radeon 7500) and CPU (G3) to me really deter me from thinking of it as anything more than an executive’s playtoy. this thing is really for on the road email and word processing only, in my mind.

the powerbooks come with G4 processors and geforce4mx video cards, both of which will certainly help you more in applications like maya. the much better performing G4 chip will also do a world of good for your video editing.


Nope haven’t bought it yet. I wouldn’t mind using a ibook because i’ll probably be moving around and I’m not quite sure i want to move my dell at the moment. I’m also considering a powerbook. Has anyone here used a powerbook for computer animation ?

Maybe i’ll save my money and up grade my dell. Thanks.


Its bad enough having to use a powerbook for animation and 3D, let alone a G3 ibook.

It will probably work, but it will be paaaaaaainful.


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