I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


Well… that was painfully eye-opening! :slight_smile: I stopped at about 14 mins when I realised things were horribly wrong… I’ve thrown in the WPE to add to my embarassment!


Yay, the stealthy tea monkey is in the house! WooHoo!!! :beer:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



More pain… only 10 minutes done here.


Did these a la quick gestures style.


Use the force, Martin…time to bust out the black and white! :wip: :arteest:

Nice Pinoy McGee!!! Great to see your post! :wip:


Yes, yes, I know! Value studies would be good right now, especially since my colour vision is shot to hell.:beer:

Nice Pinoy! Clean arcs!


Yep, and don’t forget about that Anatomy Thread of Martin aka erilaz Stealthy Tea Monkey Brennand ~ :wip: :arteest: Or I will have to make that trip to Australia ~ to strangle you! :beer:
Cheers, :wink:



First things first my dear… let’s get November over first, shall we? :smiley:


Hehe…very true!!! :smiley: Carry on! :cool: Lol…

Cheers, :slight_smile:

~Rk sometimes slightly pushy :smiley:


Second sketch:

15 min, openCanvas, see attachment for the .wpe! Thanks for the suggestion, Erilaz. :slight_smile:


Woo! Nice Rens!! Wish I were at home so could sketch more…hopefully can eke out at least one more later tonight…:wip:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



L’il bit of a Shaolin mishmash…:slight_smile: ~fun, but chaotic…


Hmmmm Nice idea Queensoul.
Well I am back!
Long time no post from me…

Photoshop7 wacom graphire 2 time= 10mins

It feels good to be back.


Hey pushav! :slight_smile:

Focused on a smaller area…experimenting w/ Painter and PS…15 min + excruciating amounts of time to transfer files back and forth on a crap machine + create gif… :slight_smile:

15 minutes in Painter, separate image:


I kinda went too overly ambitious with this one. I wanted to do all those wrinkles and stuff, but i ran out of time. So i ditched a few of them rinkles and facial features :smiley:

15 min Photoshop


Very cool Falcor_! I think I’ve about had it for the night…time to go beddy bye. Hope to do some tomorrow! :slight_smile:




I tried to sketch the falling monk but I had a bit of trouble with the robes.

OC - ~16 min.

The head is too flat and there are some other oddities, but I’m not unhappy with it. :slight_smile:

Nice sketches people!

WPE --v


Thanx Rebeccak! :thumbsup:

It was actually a morning sketch :slight_smile:
15 min aint that long so i managed to do one. Now im at work so gotta do something less fun.
This is nice thread i hope to draw more stuff to this thread. I think this kind of stuff really teaches the artist a lot. Sometimes you of course have to draw point to point accuracy artwork to really know have you learned or not.

Anyway nice thread! . I hope it will become sticky someday!

Ive actually been to those shaolin monk shows in live. It was pretty fun. Back then with my sister.


here’s the monk. Didn’t get a chance to play with it before I heard them yelling in irc.
:D. But it was fun to do


Falling shaolin :smiley: