I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


Hello everyone:

Here are the poses for the next sessions.



Swweeeeeeeett!!! This totally reminds me of George Bellows!

Sweet piece! :wip: Welcome to the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile:


This one looks like a lot of fun :smiley:


And the next.

Good luck and dont forget to time yourself and most importantly, have fun.


Thanx Rebeccak! :slight_smile:

My next one aint that good. I sorta ruined the proportions from the beginning, but 15 minutes is tough teacher… So here is my next one! :slight_smile:


Hey, there, not sure there is any such thing as ‘messing up’ here ~ just a great opportunity for experimentation! :wip:
Here is a link to my Anatomy Thread, in which I’ve posted an update to one of the 15 min sketches from this thread…I worked on it for about 30 min beyond the original 15.

It’s the last post (#51). :slight_smile:




On my way to take a peek. :smiley:


Hey Queenie,
Checked out your new website ~ looks nice! Glad to see it’s finally up and running! :wip:


My last one for today :stuck_out_tongue:

15 min… i tried to use more outline this time


Sweet!! Love the gesture and the charcoal textured brush! :wip: Hope to see you back for more! :smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks. Will have to finish putting content on the front page. For now the forum and the public gallery are up. Even managed to salvage some of the video tutorials.


Sweet, Queenie!! Gotta go hang with the fam ~ thanks again for this great idea!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Beh, thank YOU lady.


Am gonna hit the sack in a few…but I wanted to leave you guys with some wonderful dynamic poses. Have fun with them. And dont forget to post your efforts, no matter how bad you think it is.

its big so am linking it here


Second Pose
The monk on the right!!


Gotta love this third one

Feel your sketching hand twitching? Go for it :smiley:


And another:


No more new poses today. Lets give people who are just joining the sessions time to catch up with all the poses posted today. :smiley:


Been waiting for you :smiley:
Now I have to go to sleep. So I guess we’ll hook up tomorrow.


Same here, bedtime in the lowlands :). I’ll do a few more tomorrow in between daily business.