I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


15 minutes, photoshop


I decided to join in. I have to slow it down a bit though. I think I did all of these in 15. These were all taken from the first couple of pictures on the thread.


And here are some more.


Some good work here!

NR43 - thx!

these are from news photos (which I collect) - trying to get at the emotions.
I am not posting the specific reference photos because it might constitue copywrite infringement. (which the drawings definitely do not)


another 20 minutes:



didn’t time myself but a rough estimate would be 20-25 min


Photoshop, 16 minutes… not that good but it was fun. :slight_smile:


Note: I just joined the forums and already posted here once, except 'cause the 2 first post have to be recognized before they show up… there might be a possibility for double post. So, sorry if this occurs!! :slight_smile:

Here’s another one… Photoshop, around 18mins.~

Gotta focus on hands and feet first, next time…

I see so many things off now… :shrug:


My impression is that we simply choose a reference from the bunch. Is that OK? Oh well, I picked a few. First shots. All 15 minutes, Pshop.


Holden - where are you getting your photo references?


They’re kept on a seperate thread here:


A couple more.


My start on the 15 minute sketchathon.

Diver - 15 minutes, airbrush, corel painter 9.5


Second one tonight. I guess I am getting tired. Didn’t get much done here.

Ballet Dancers - Corel Painter 9.5, detailed airbrush


Nice one, aggie. Now you’re cooking with gas.


OK, I am bored. Here is a third.

Pointer - same as before except this time I had time to smudge with a blender.


Around 15 minutes, Photoshop. I didn’t use a grid for once :slight_smile:


And another one, again, no grid:


And another one… These workshops are addicting, they’re worse than crack.

Photoshop, no grid, between 15 minutes each.


Wow slickgreekgeo-your speedpaints are great! I especially like the last one)

Heres`s mine


Another one. (is it okay to not submit the refrence?)