I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches


Thanks Helen,
you have nice rhythm in your sketches

shyamshriram, I like your sketches for those confident lines you have



man, i really need to get back into the sketching. everyone’s sketches look really great. maybe i’ll put one up before then end of the weekend.


I’m constantly amazed to see how finished all these sketches look compared to mine, particularly concidering the amount of time spent on each piece.
Great work all of ya, very inspiring!

Here’s a couple more of mine (muchos work to do :eek:)


Hi everybody,

I love the work that is being posted. I would like to show my own work here but I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to post my work on the threads. If anyone could help please do.

I guess I should explain myself. my problem basically has to do with browsing for a file. When I make an attempt there is no dialogue box or anything that lets me search for my file.

Sorry for going off subject.


Hello Splinter, here is a link with an in length explanation how to post images,hope it helps :slight_smile:




All into 15 min. limit:bounce:


Hi HeartBeat,

I simply loved your simplex (Simple looking complex) sketches. One word. WOW. keep it up



Thanks for the link it was a big help.


Nice work Stuker


Thank u NR43.
Nr43 i have a two friends in Bruxeles!
(Astrid and Laure) Good people in Belgium.


Hi all!

took too long time to come back here… nice work from old and new guys.



Here is a piece I started with. It was done with in the time limit.


Rebecca I have a blog and I put a link to you web :thumbsup:






Hi, I just read your post and visited your blog, thank you very much! :slight_smile:




Thanks for the amazing references. :slight_smile: They’re a great help.

3 minutes over and still butchered the arms. Probably going to work on just linework after this.

heartbeat: Thank you. :slight_smile: Those are just AMAZING. What are you using for the ‘shading’?
NR43: Good work, keep it up!
Stuker: Love the cleanliness of your sketches. Looking forward to more!
Shyam: Thanks, you’ve always been an inspiration for me to continue sketching. :slight_smile:


took me a while to get back into sketch mode again but here we are. 15 minutes, photoshop. i’m actually pretty content with this one even though i’ve been avoiding this particular one for no aparent reason.


Well over the time limit, but, hey, I’m using a mouse :slight_smile:





tizianoadmirer nice mouse work, i couldn’t do anything close to that without my wacom tablet.