I want to model a drill...


Hi there!

I want to model a drill so I need to make a thread (right word? if not, blame babel fish for that… :shrug: ) around a mesh I already created and I’d like to stick to that model…

Any ideas? I already tried knife, but ran into trouble with the intersection which is already there. Another attempt I made was creating a disc shaped object and copied it several times, getting smaller and rotated so that I could mimic a drill, but it does not look very good from above… :annoyed:

I hope somebody of you can help me out…

Many thanks in advance!

Tommi :wavey:

Here is a shot of the mesh:


drill bit , is what you want.

Let me find the tut, you prob. can adapt it.

back in a few, or longer if I can’t find it.


here tis


its threads for a bolt, but I think if you make a bit thread, more square than pointed, and increase the space between.

regardless its a cool little technique.

google: average bit set


I like this tutorial, but the shape of the object I created isn’t regular, so how can I achieve that the thread sticks to the surface?
Boolean mesh operation doesn’t work very well on that… I dunno…
Okay I see, I’ve got to make a new drill :rolleyes:

After that I will have a bunch of new questions (hehehe :smiley: )

Thanks roguenroll! :thumbsup:



do you mean a drill like that ?


Exactly!!! :bounce:

(Isch werd bekloppt…)

How did you do that? I already tried to achieve this kind of look via vortex function… failed :annoyed:


did you try twist instead of vortex?


No, not yet… Maybe I’l give it a try… Any idea for a base shape?

  1. create a disc .


If you like MrWyatt’s shape you can get started with a box… sort of matching the profile of the very top, bevel the sides etc. use badsaw or knife or any other method to add the segments and then twist. You can also make a rectangle and add the segments on the fly, etc…

edit: he, he MrWyatt posted while I was typeing

  1. delete the top and bottom poly

  2. move the points as shown in top view.

  1. under weights go into subpatchweight , hit tab to turn into subpatchmode and select the weight tool.

  1. drag the points in topview you want to have a sharp edge

  1. select all points and use the twist tool and twist the heck out of the darn thing.

  1. select the top row of points and copy paste them to a second layer.

  1. make polys like shown and cut paste them back to the first layer . hit “m” to merge the points.

  1. subpatch also the new polys and bevel the quad as shown twice. you will probably have to tweak on the tip of the drill a bit and this small tut wont concentrate on the base of the drill either.

have fun



That’s nice little tutorial MrWyatt! Thanks! I learned something, how to use weights!! That’s something I’ll really be using more in the future!



here is the drill i made in about two minutes. dramatic angle ins´t it?




Many thanks Mr. Wyatt!
Now you helped very much for the second time… :smiley:
This is a very good tutorial and I’ve to agree to Ayreon, that I learned something about weights…


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