I want to integrate


Nice topic :wink: There’s been some truly great plugins lost in the compatibility turmoil around R19-R20, I’d be happy to either see them integrated into R22, or revived by another enterprising developer. In particular, I really really miss SteadyCamPro. A great camera rig is something sorely needed in my opinion, and is likely to have a very wide appeal once people see the upside.
Another that has been lost (I think? Paul?) is Topology Vertex Maps - vertex maps generated by the mesh’s curvature, AO, volume depth. Now Cinema has its swanky field system for building Vertex maps this would be a great way to enhance that system.


I think we all know what C4D can and can’t do – we don’t really need constant reminding. I know what Houdini and Blender are capable of; I have Blender and will be keeping an eye on it. It’s very possible I may move over at some point, but I’m heavily invested in C4D, in both time and money. I’m not going to suddenly switch just because someone on a forum throws a hissy fit at the parent company

By all means post comparative examples – I love to see what other apps can do – and of course if it keeps Maxon on its toes then all the better. But you just need to tone it down bit.


Rizom is amazing, love it. Can be a bit finicky at times and definitely has a learning curve, but overall, I think it’s the best UV unwrapping suite on the market. If Maxon were to update, they could learn a thing or two.


If the ignore feature was brought back, I think this forum would improve dramatically. I think a few users would find themselves screaming into the void within a week or so, as they try to pollute every thread and find themselves quickly added to ignore lists. IMO, I think the mods can see that the forum as a whole is tired of them.

I don’t understand what someone would spend their time whining instead of using that time to improve their skills in the 3d packages they supposedly switched to.

What a wasteful way to spend one’s life.


If you’re not interested or easily offended by what I write just do what I do and skip reading the message. Whenever I see a purple splat icon I know that there is a greater than average chance the message is vacuous and devoid of useful content so I skip it. To be completely honest I cannot remember at all when I read anything by you that added anything to a discussion. You’re that perennial hanger on that doesn’t add anything.


Apparently not! :wink:

What I don’t get is that you clearly know C4d, and can solve lots of problems for newbies like me (who have so little to add, as you put it). Why not just answer questions, help people out, and get excited for their accomplishments? You’d find you would quickly have friends that will do the same for you on your projects.

Trust me as someone who just found out from a doctor - life is WAY too short to be caught up in something that doesn’t make you happy. It’s not worth it.