I want my light to flicker!


im new to lighting and rendering, so heres my question. I am trying to get a flickering effect from a light, the scene is dark, kind of scarry. I am trying to make the light flicker, and fade in and out. I am using Maya 6.0 Thanks


I don’t know Maya, but since I know it has scripting, I’d say your best bet would be to attach a small randomising expression hooked up to the brightness parameter of the light.

Failing that, it’s simply a matter of keyframing the brightness.


Perhaps it is more than you want to get into as a person new to Lighting, but we tend to split the layers into seperate layers/elements and keyframe their intensities in a compositing package. You get more iterations and quicker turnaround on your tests this way. Especially with complex scenes.

Ask for more info if you are interested in this approach. Otherwise keyframing the intensities would do the trick. Perhaps test the effect on a simple object first (like a test sphere) before you do it on a “hero” scene or character.


Perhaps you can use maya fluids to create the light. In the docs, there are some examples of realistic fire, and in conjunction with mray FG you can make a candle effect :thumbsup:


Hi again all, i think for now i am going to try keying in the flicker. When i have more time to play i will try using a compositing package. thanks for all the info.


I’ve doen a flickering light rig in a scene to simulate fire destroyed surrounding env. I simply used expressions to random a light intensity value.

mylight.intensity = rand(0.75, 1.2);


Interpolation techniques are quite good for flikkering lights, try using a linear interpolation for the flikkering. The fade in fade out can be done by using ease in/out functions, just use a curve interpolation.

What is the purpose of the flikkering? Are you trying to simulate lightning or something else?


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