I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome!!!


Hey guys, is there any of you that had carpal tunnel syndrome before? What happens when you get it? Medication? Unable to wield a mouse anymore? I think I have it now, my wrists feels kind of weird. It’s my right hand, the one I use for the mouse.

And, ultimate question: will I be able to do CG once again? Right now it seems I can’t stop the pain in my wrist…

Any tips appreciated, opinions, etc etc.



ergomouse :wink:


Just rest your wrist for a couple of days. I don’t think you get carpal tunnel syndrome just from the mouse. It happens usually to secretaries that write a lot on the keyboard. 3D Artists use their keyboard a lot less than a writer. But again i may be wrong. Visit a doctor if it seems that serious… Maybe its just a twist of a nerve or a muscle. :slight_smile:


just buy that mouse and it’ll go away.

resting your wrists for a couple days wont change a thing , it’ll start aching as soon as you pick up the mouse back again.


You can then start looking forward to cortisone injections. :cry:


Try changing the height of your mouse pad (raising your chair or lowering the table surface. That will change the angle of the bend in your wrist ( at least for me, it’s temporary relief).

A mouse that fits your hand will also help a bit.


Hey–don’t ask a board for medical advice. See a doctor if you think you have a medical problem.

If it’s just achey and you want to take a chance on listening to people who don’t even play doctors on TB–try cooling it with ice packs at night. Go on the internet and Google Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to see what the symptoms are and what you can do about it. It’s wise to do the suggested exercises (look it up!) every day before you start using the mouse and/or keyboard. Stop every once in a while to stretch and rest your eyes, too, while you’re at it (eye strain can be another problem). If it hurts when you bend your hand back at the wrist, you may be in trouble. It should hurt when you do that and perhaps you should have pains running all the way back towards your elbow.

But remember–I’m not a doctor. And neither are most of the people talking about it on websites. If you think you have a problem–get it checked out.

I get aches from using the mouse. I’ve taken to using my mouse with my left hand (I’m right handed) and using my wacom with my right hand (since it’s less stressful). I find it pretty easy to use the mouse with my left hand–although I do switch back when I’m gaming. :shrug:

Good luck.

And try to do the exercises. You don’t want to cripple yourself so you can’t do anything with your hands, much less be unable to do cg. Nothing is worth that!


What would you do for wrist exercises? (excluding all sick minded replies). When i was into weight lifting, there was an exercise where you got a dumbell and basically just flicked your wrist up and down…


Get a kennsington trackball mouse and say goodbye to mouse pain forever.


I worked with a client once who changed hand and changed to one of those vertical mice , like sheep suggested [dont think it was that specific one tho]

it seemed to work for him :slight_smile:

damn i should get a decent mouse sometime…


I have this huge knob sticking out of my wrist, its caught on something and my right hand twitches alot, along with my whole right arm.

In my lingo we call it a ganglion.

But i dont have medical aid ti have it removed, so im use to it.

Let me know whats up with yer wrist


My advice is to start an exercise regimen.

I do push ups and dumbbells and they help a lot for the pain.



What about finger numbness? Does anyone here have a problem with that? My thumb does not hurt at all, it’s the middle 3 that get numb a lot, and it’s hard to grip things too. I do also have that burning in my wrist from the mouse hand, but i’ts actually pretty rare. The finger numbess is felt daily.

I did buy that vertical mouse just to be safe though, although it seems ilke most places are out of stock until June :stuck_out_tongue:

And you say pushups and other arm/hand/wrist exercises help? Any other specific ones? I’ll have to try that too.


you know, the lay term for this is repetetive stress injury… and even with a fancy angled mouse yu can still get it… ive gotten it over the years in different parts of my arm. One time i moved to a new gig and I had it in my shoulder for four months… sometimes so bad i couldnt move it… it really all comes down to how you move your mouse. Your best bet is to change your position and try some different options (mouse, wrist pad, height of chair) Symptoms ive expience is tingling, coldness (at one point, if i placed both hands on my cheeks my right hand felt like i was holding a cold soda can and the left was warm!!!)… doctors dont know Shi*t these days and all they want is you in and out as fast as possible so they can make their bucks (well, US at least)… unless you have insurance dont waste your time… best wishes and i hope it goes away…


I can speak to this from experience. Several years ago, I had a bad case of repetitive use pain in my right wrist. I would get these tingling sensations in my fingers and these sharp shooting pains would go up the length of my arm. It was very worrying since using the mouse is so essential in this field where you’re constantly clicking around in a graphical interface.

A few things I did have helped the problem immensely and it doesn’t even bother me anymore to this day:

  1. Learn keyboard shortcuts. The pain is due to the inflammation of the sheath surrounding the set of nerves that run through your wrist. Repetitive clicking motions can cause this condition. If there’s anything you can do to minimize the number of mouseclicks you do it will help. I have gotten quite good at it especially in tools like Photoshop. If you look up the shortcuts that Adobe has provided you may even find that they can speed up your workflow immensely.

  2. Get a mousepad with one of those gel wrist supports. This encourages you to keep it straight while you’re working.

  3. Start exercising with one of those hand-gripper exercise widgets. They build hand strength and I feel this was one of the main things that helped me recover.

  4. Start wearing a wrist splint when you go to bed at night. You can get these at any drug store, in the section with bandages and stuff. It’ll run you about $10 or so. This will help keep your wrist from bending at odd angles at night when you’re sleeping and allow the wrist to heal.

If after all this you’re still having problems then you might want to see a doctor. But honestly, all the doctor is going to do is recommend you to buy the wrist-splint, and prescribe pain killers, or worse: cortisone injections. Stay away from those if at all possible. It’s best to avoid the invasive procedures and try the conservative measures first.

hope that helps!


Welcome to the club…



Originally posted by Jackdeth
[B]Welcome to the club…

:cry: [/B]

buy that mouse man.


Okay well, I may not have carpal tunnel syndrom then, but it may be repetitive stress injury.

I’m running to the store right now to get a gel mouse pad, and as for the wrist exerciser, I already have one that’s sitting next to me. In fact… The pain in the wrist kind of started when I started exercising with that a week ago… Hmmmm. Maybe when I started too fast with it.

And flipnap, I’m feeling exactly the same thing you’re talking about: coldness only in my right hand, while the left is hot.

I’m also considering buying a more ergonomic mouse, but available in Canada (I’m in Canada). I doubt this vertical mouse is available here, and enters within my budget.

Be right back, I have to go to the store for a new mouse pad :smiley:


I also bought one of those gel mousepads…it helps a little, but i’m still waiting to get that vertical mouse too. The cheapest I found it for was $50+7 shipping…but right now it’s out of stock like I said before.

What is this wrist exerciser called exactly? I’m getting that wrist splint too…i’m not going to any doctors unless it’s really bad :stuck_out_tongue:



Here’s a page with many variations on the theme. The one I use is a foam-padded version of the one titled “Hand Grip”. Just go to any sporting goods store and you can find one.