I think I have a bad case of anxiety


Hey everyone, I’m not so new to the CGI or 3D. But i’ve been thinking alot about what to include in my portfolio. For those who care, I wanna be a Animator, and perhaps later down the line i’m thinking of being a modeler (but, 1 step at a time).

But anyhow, what kind of advice would you guys give me for my portfolio? I’ve been using Lynda E-learning (it’s given to me for free from my school) for about I guess 2 months, I’m still learning the essentials, then i’m gonna be moving up the ladder for more advanced animation stuff.


short term portfolio? i’d recommend picking one studio, either in film or video games. if it’s a video game company, research their current projects and upcoming projects and build a reel related to those projects that shows you can be of use to them. mostly body mechanics related. if it’s in film, do the same research and build a reel just for that but this time more acting with dialogue.

this is of course easier said than done and assuming you’re already an awesome animator. if not, then there’s really no magic formula but practice, patience.and persevere. good luck!


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