"I shouldn't have murdered you.", Patrick 'bran' Schemat (2D)


Title: “I shouldn’t have murdered you.”
Name: Patrick ‘bran’ Schemat
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

hi there :),

again a new work by me, done with photoshop within two days.

“she knew where to look after her boyfriend. the betrayer of the king’s garden was outside the city, waiting in the white desert.
the daughter of the king went to him, and as if he was knowing that death awaited him, he turned with with back to her. enraged she jumped forward, driving her dagger deep into his flesh.
as his hot blood dripped from the cold steel, she realized that he didn’t was only a betrayer: she murdered her love.
‘what have i done…?’ the royal daughter began to cry.”

that was the idea to the picture.
and this ist the first representant of a new race i’m developing for my rpg - the (noseless) Véyyunae.

your comments and critiques are welcome :slight_smile:



Simple, but very effective work. I loved the colors, very great choice.


unusual choice of colors. Quite interasting piece of work:thumbsup:


really nice colors, beauty…:slight_smile:


Very nice, the head looks almost 3D. The sheen on the hair is really nice!


I fail to see the nose, maybe im blind but it’s not there and I don’t think a noseless version fits here, other than that, I like it, colors are nice, it has some sort of warm feeling (please ignore this because it’s actually should make you feel sad, but somehow i feel quite happy,warm inside after seeing the pic ^^).
Good luck on your future projects.


suuuuuuuuper light

i like it

How manufactured shines hair ?


new race i’m developing for my rpg - the (noseless) Véyyunae.


:open_mouth: it says “noseless” Race Veyyunae.


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