I robot


first sorry for my english :slight_smile:
this is my last work About modelling the robot who was in Irobot Film
i hope that i can rigging him And add materials some day
any comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Cool! I like it… :thumbsup:


Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


does he have an inside? becouse when your starting to add the materials id make the torso part a little transparent… to show off the inside, if there is any… :wink:


no he have not any inside parts exept the spine bone

i have some troubles with the metal materials so any ideas would be great

thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


hey very cool!
I would love to see the final result


Not bad, but the thumb is TOO short! :slight_smile:

And the texture will be no fun!
Semi transparent and translucent… Hehe… well… Good luck! :wink:


i have some problems with materials ithink the animation may come first

you are right about the thumb i will try to fix it

thanks for comments :slight_smile:



Try that link for some materials i havn’t tried them myself but they look pretty good.

oh and…Nice model! looks really good.



Hi Corky12190

i will try the link

and thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


the model looks great !!! two thumbs up !!


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