I, Robot


I was thinking about going to see it …is it any good ?? Looks pretty cheezy from the trailer but I don’t trust trailers anymore


just got back from it. the CG is awesome (over used word… but it was), they did a good job on the robots and CG Chicago. I hated Will Smiths character… it reminded me of jeff goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park, whiny, sniveling and “I told you so” attitude with a smattering of typical Will Smith one liners in “tense” situations.

it is worth seeing for the CG alone, but ignore the dialog and smith’s acting.


The CG is well done, the robots are pretty cool looking, they did a good job on the CG Chicago … BUT I hated Will Smith’s character… just typical of the things he plays … popping one-liners and trying to look fierce… laughable. His character very much reminded me of jeff goldblums character in Jurassic Park, whiny, sniveling and “I told you so” bullsh**.

it has been a very long time since I read the book so I can’t comment on its accuracy, as I said the CG is well done and worth the price of the ticket ($4.00 early bird here)


Pretty much fallows the Reviews …good Cg B movie story and dialoge …guess i’ll wait for the DVD …thanks


anyone seen the game ad showing before it?


May I be the first to say.
Eveything about I, Robot was awesome.
Robot animation was so crisp.
Will Smith’s performance was great!
Great Job to everyone who worked on it.
A must see!


please tell me he’s not reprising his role as the ‘wise-cracking, not-by-the-book bad boy’ like in EVERY other movie he’s in. If so, then I’d go check it out.


Sweet, I’m seeing it tonight, glad to hear it was good. I’m a Will Smith fan too (yeah yeah shut up) haha, so I’m pretty sure I’ll like it too.


Only for the first 10 minutes or so, after that I felt like he got into pace with the character and toned it down a bit. On a whole I really liked it also, it had a lot more story to it then I expected, which I’m glad about. It has more of a “Enemy of the State” then “Bad Boys” feel to it, has far as comparing Will Smith’s performance.


i got my tickets and ready to see it tonight…


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I’m just wondering… does the damn thing bear ANY resemblance to Isaac Asimov’s books AT ALL?!

And why on earth did they pick a robot design that looks so corny?!

I was thrilled when I heard this was getting made, I was a big Alex Proyas fan… but… ew! Just… EEW! I don’t think I’m going to go.


I’m just wondering… does the damn thing bear ANY resemblance to Isaac Asimov’s books AT ALL?!

Not at all. Just a merketing ploy by the powers at be. It’s based on a screenplay by Jeff Vintar called Hardwired. I believe Fox had rights to film versions of Asimov’s work, so they just tacked in the 3 Laws of Robotics and the character of Susan Calvin. The movie is not based on any of the short stories. If anything it has a slight resemblance to Caves of Steel.

It’s ironic, since Asimov despised the killer robot sterotype from the old days.


God that makes me want to take a bath. And then drown the whole movie in it.


I’ve gotta say, the animation really sucked.

Let’s have robots made of metal that move like they weigh 20 pounds.

The compositing was spotty.

Who’s fault is this Weta’s or Digital Domain’s?

Very disappointing.

I expect better from both.

The movie itself was just another lame Will Smith vehicle.

Wickky-wicckyy-Wild-Wild West.


I’m excited to see this on the big screen as it’s my first p&r credit as a combustion artist. It was interesting to watch the tech for this show develop during it’s production, and I’m excited to see what it all looks like cut together, mixed with the Weta stuff. I remember the Holding Cell sequence looking damn near photo-real over here, hopefully it holds up.


Im probably going to go see it on Sunday. But ever since seeing the previews, I’ve been wondering the same thing I’ve wondered about all evil robot movies.


The whole blue lights versus red lights has been done to death already.

I’ve got an idea! If you don’t want your robots to turn evil and kill you, just dont install the red LEDs in their eyes and chests. Its that simple folks.

Its like Star Wars. Someones making red, blue, and green light sabers. The Jedi’s use the green and blue sabers and Vader and the other baddies use the red sabers. (its an unspoken rule in the star wars galaxy that you must coordinate your saber color with the degree of your evilness. Vader was delegated a light cherry hued saber, but after torturing small animals he was bumped up to a fire-engine red.) If the Jedi really wanted to take out Vader, attack the source, take out the red light saber factories.


I’ll be Damned!

I robot was actually a pretty good movie , spectacular vfx and the story isnt as lame as i expected either.

whats the world coming to…:smiley:


the movie was a lot better than i expected. They had those cool looking shots where the camera just fly around, not just a 360 but it goes over and under as well… ive never seen those in any movie before.

robots looked good, looked real. Story was great but i dont want to spoil anything.


red light meant they are being uploaded directives from the company. Which was mentioned 3 times. See the movie than make those comments :wink: