I receive two notification emails on each reply to my thread


Currently I receive one email telling me who replied and what the reply contains. I also receive an email from noreply@cgsociety.org with a notification note, telling me there has been a reply.

How do I change the behavior so that I only receive the email with the reply, and skip the other email that tells me there has been a reply on my post?


At the bottom of this thread there should be a button that says normal. You can select the options there. What might be happening is you are subscribed to a thread and someone may reply directly to you so you get two notifications . One for the thread reply and one to let you know specificly someone replied to your post in it


The setting I have here is “Tracking” - yet I received both CGSociety Notification and one email “from you” even though you didn not reply to me (I assume “to me” would bean like this: @name )