I present to you our animation studio


Cano Animation is a small studio where we create cartoons for young children, now we are with our first Yiyi Adventures series which will have 10 chapters and which is broadcast every two weeks.
I hope you like it and hopefully if everything works out well we will work together at some point.


sorry I forgot the videos


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first forgot the video, now the link is not working… doesn’t represent you in good light honestly… on top of that ends up with spam… this cgtalk forum became such a low level lately…


For starters, you’ve gotta pay attention to the date on these threads. This one is nearly 7 years old and the most recent response was from a bot. That would explain why the vid is gone and why you shouldn’t expect a response from the OP.

Second, it’s not really that much of a surprise that this site has gone to pot. It’s really something that many of us, myself included, have been warning about for 10+ years.

  1. The economic recession of 2008-2010 impacted a lot of these forums. Many good, established forums went under because the money to keep them going just vanished. Some of that cash was coming directly from the pockets of the site owners. Some of it was coming from ad revenue and the huge traffic boosts associated with global inter-forum art competitions, which largely dried up during the economic crisis. With big competitions gone and admins being forced to prioritize paying work over forums, many sites just died.
  2. Forums are now “old people” technology. Post anything longer than 288 characters and lost people just respond TL;DR. This newer, younger generations isn’t all that big on long form posting. I blame it on the increasing popularity of short form social media such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok as well the overwhelming prevalence of cell phones, which make posting on forums tedious.
  3. CG has just become far too complicated for people to post now like they did back then. I first started doing CG way back in 1989 and got involved in online communities in 1997; I joined CGTalk about 20 years ago. “Back in the day,” the barrier for entry was much smaller. Your pipeline could be as short as Photoshop and 3dsmax. Much of the work being made back then was also much lower in quality. Fewer polys. Smaller textures. Simpler rigs. Less involved rendering and post. You could become studio ready with a much smaller financial investment and time commitment. Today, MAYBE you can skate by with just 3 programs: Maya, Photoshop, and Substance Painter. However, depending on the work that you’re doing, you might also need to add ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset Toolbag, a 3rd party renderer, and countless other apps just to finish a single money shot. This has therefore made it MUCH more expensive for newbies to become studio ready; the FOSS and low cost alternatives will allow you to learn, but aren’t industry standard. On top of that, even doing it on the cheap, there’s just so much more that new CG artists need to know and learn to be competitive. It’s not 1997 anymore. So, if you see less work posted here and of lesser quality, this is sometimes the reason why.
  4. There’s just a lack of moderation. Maybe they can’t afford to keep anybody around these days. Maybe people have just moved on. Either way, nobody’s cleaning up the plethora of spam bot post anymore. This is something that started a good decade back. Most of the mainstays are long gone. Other “old timer” members such as myself, sacboi, srek, imhotep, Roberto, sometimes only post once a week - if that. Things have been trending this way for a long time now. I usually post to respond to threads such as this or to occasionally help out a newbie who stumbled onto this site by accident.
  5. CGTalk is just getting killed by social media and sites such as ArtStation where people can post an image and then run back into the shadows. Like I said above, this newer generation is less about “tell” and more about “show” instead. CG Society’s main page has attempted to keep pace by effectively cloning ArtStation’s approach, but it’s sorta hit or miss. It’s okay for exposure, but still feels like the off-brand version. I don’t know the stats, but I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that ArtStation is smoking them on that front.

All of that aside, and I’ve said it many times before, you’re probably looking at a community entering into is final days. It has thus far taken much longer than I had expected, but the downward trend continues and I’m not sure that there’s any coming back from it. The site has changed. The nature of the art form has evolved. Community involvement has shifted. I wouldn’t be surprised to come back here in 2025 and see that this site is only accessible through the waybackmachine archives. CG Talk isn’t dead (yet), but it’s trending in that direction.

Where to go next? >sigh< That is the magic question.

  1. Topic specific forums such as Polycount seem to be doing okay, but even they have seen a dip in quality and traffic over the past 10 years. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon, but they still represent “old people” communication; Younger artists still visit, but the “vibe” and aesthetic both feelsa little older nowadays.
  2. Twitter is high profile, but moves too quickly. Your work can get lost in the shuffle pretty fast.
  3. Facebook is a toilet. Groups are either populated with poseurs, meme obsessed trolls, or half-witted sycophants who kiss but nicely, but don’t deliver any helpful critiques. Despite the multitude of dedicated groups, FB is definitely not the place for CG. It’s a wasteland. Once again, like forums, it feels like “old people” tech. I mainly only visit there to keep up with a few childhood friends and that’s it.
  4. YouTube? Meh. Might be okay-ish to post a reel. You might even get some decent critiques. However, YT’s content moderation is so idiotic that good vids sometimes get yanked for no reason or invalid DMCA take down requests. Once a vid goes down, fighting to get it put back up can be a pain.
  5. ArtStation is a really great site. However, it’s so high traffic that your stuff will get lost pretty easily. Also, their algorithms aren’t smart enough to shuffle works properly and you often end up with the same pieces hitting the first page and, thus, getting the most views. It’s up to you to promote your page. Plus, far too many short “amazing” and “I love it” type posts instead of ones that might actually be constructive.
  6. App specific forums such as Blender Artists? Sure. They get a lot traffic and feature a lot of amazing work and exceedingly helpful people. However, it’s also nice to be exposed to people outside of your niche community too.


The bottom line, atm, is that CG is in a weird place. Not just for the community, but also the art form itself. Might be the changing winds. Might be the pandemic. Might just by the march of progress and time. Either way, I don’t see sites such as this one improving any time soon. Just be happy that they’re still around just in case somebody’s on the other side listening or able to help.


Damn. That explains a few things. I have done CG on the side as a “hobby” for years and only just landed a job doing it. I only joined CG Society a few months ago and I was wondering why no one has answered the two or three posts I have put up with specific questions. One of which has me really stumped on a project, but while some people are viewing it, no answers are forthcoming.

Any idea where to turn to when you genuinely need some help with something?


Yeah. You really missed out on this place during its prime.

Site like this one, CG Chat, GameArtisans, and a few more used to have wall to wall traffic. The moment you’d start a new topic, a hundred more would bump it to page 3. The problem back then was just fighting to be seen. And whenever they’d hold this massive global competitions such as Dominance War, Unearthly Challenge and Comicon Challenge that pitted a dozen forums against one another… Good luck getting onto these sites. Now? It’s like a graveyard.

The thing is, while not THE sole reason to visit, those challenges drew in a TON of new visitors and daily hits. Some of them were in it for the love of art and competition. Many were in it for the big prizes. After 2008-2010, many of these hardware and software companies that once sponsored such community melees decided to re-prioritize pulled out. Without big fancy prizes, only those who loved art and the spirit of competition kept visiting. Fewer visitors meant less ad revenue, which meant that - even post recession - these sites became less attractive to sponsors looking for cheap marketing. Of course, behind the scenes, a number of these competitions were plagued with organizational issues - some of which led to community uproar from trolls. That’s another story though.

Sites like CG Talk are relics. Forums are, by nature, logical extensions of the old time “bulletin board” and “mailing list” concepts where people would dial in, drop a message for some help, and somebody subscribing to that board would respond. Forums are/were a faster and fancier version. The thing is, progress waits for no one and forums have seen themselves slowly getting replaced by faster moving social media sites. Drop an image or video, tag it with your e-mail or personal URL, and run. Set it and forget it. Forums moved faster than mailing lists. Facebook moved faster (and leaner) than forums. Twitter and Insta move faster and leaner than FB. People are always on the go, go, go. Attention spans and the desire to read long thread such as this one have gotten shorter.

Progress. :frowning:

There are still plenty of places to post your work. Like I said, ArtStation and CG Society are the places where you’ll likely get the most exposure if you want to be seen. Social media? Hit or miss.

If you want help… Your best bet is look for these smaller and more laser focused forums. If you’re a Blender user, and even if you’re not, as I said, Blender Artists is constantly buzzing and people are more than happy to help. You do run into a few trolls from time to time, but not many. Alternatively, if you’re into game art, Polycount is still a viable resource to find help. Some of the mainstays such as Eric Chadwick no longer do game art anymore, but are still there and more than happy to offer help and advice.

App developers sometimes have their own forums or link to community run ones. Go to the site for your chosen app and see what resources are available.

Again, you could post on social media. However, if you do, research your groups. Find ones where people seem to be genuinely interested in giving helpful advice. You can often browse them without joining so that helps. Beware the ones where it seems that it’s newbies giving advice to newbies… As you might expect, you can’t give much advice when you don’t know what to look for or how to fix a potential problem. Post with the intention of improving. Don’t just ask, “How do you like my work?” Instead say, “This is my latest piece. What do you think? How can I improve? What’s your advice?” As long as you’re posting in a well moderated group, you might get some help.

Finally, you COULD look for help here. How much you get is anybody’s guess, but it’s always worth a try. Just be aware that this site skews Autodesk heavy. It used to be more balanced. However, over the past decade, they’ve sorta buried non-ADSK boards and threads somewhat. So, if you’re a Blender, LightWave, or C4D user, for example, you have to dig around for help; Eventually, you’ll realize that you’re probably better off elsewhere. Even if you are a ADSK or ZBrush user, the speed at which you’ll get replies seems to be glacial these days. You’re more likely to get a reply by a bot first. :slight_smile:

If all else fails, you can DM me here and I’ll do what I can to look at your stuff or point you in the right direction. You can even friend request me on FB. I answer quickly enough, but usually late at night.

I’ll see what other resources I can dig up for you. I tend not to use many of these sites since they’re time killers. However, I’m always happy to lend a helping hand and fresh set of eyes.


Wow, thanks for all of this. Interesting. I don’t do (anti)social media at all. And it is not even accessible at work as it is blocked by company firewalls. So I guess just putting it on a site like this and hoping is my best bet.

I am pretty much an Autodesk guy, although I am seriously looking into Blender. Learned on Max, learned and loved Maya, now I use both.

I’m not sure how to DM on this site, but here is a link to the post that is what I am trying to resolve. Still haven’t quite figured out how to do this.

Again, thanks for taking the time!


I meant to paste this link so you can see what I am trying to do:



To send me a DM, just click my name. A “Message” link can be found under my name in the profile. To pick up all messages sent to you, there should be a link or notification at the top right right of the site - right by your profile picture. I’ll send you a message or two so that you can see how it works. Replying back is like any other messaging system.