I Need Tutorial To Make Water Fall In Maya 2009


I’m doing a waterfall in maya 2009, the water falls on the platform by default creates the ocean, I saw some very basic tutorials and my idea is to make it quite believable, My questions are the following?

  1. nParticles particles should be in ball or water?

  2. as I give my spray luminance and simulation to make it more believable?

  3. the water fall texture which I suggest? My idea is to get some texture to simulate the spray caused by the force of water

  4. and performed the falling water splash of the waterfall on the platform by default mesh OCEAN? or rather what weight I give to my particles to hit on them and they sink?

If you know any good tutorial I thank you, I saw a pretty good but did not get to play very well and is very complex, I pass this so that it can display PC

I appreciate any help



I was gonna point you to the link you already found.
That is great tutorial from a great Maya master.
But you are working in maya 2009…a very different challenge as there is no one click ways to do fluid emissions from particles.
But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
Here is a thread that boils down the process…look down to post #6 for the expression:
Play with this for a while till you get it working and then apply it to your waterfall.

There may also be some plugins (SOUP???) to do this…but I’m not positive.

Good luck.


for particle emitting into a fluid, you have to follow this great tutorial from Jeremy Raven

it simply work perfectly !

check somes tech ref on vimeo http://vimeo.com/search/videos/search:waterfall%20maya/3828f712

if you’re far from the waterfall a plane with a nice shader and texture would do the trick.
if you are very close extensive particles sims will be required


thank you very much for the replies, I could manage to do this now waterfall trying to get the spray that accompanies the simulation and also the texture


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