I need to make my model 1 piece


hi, i know my question sounds dumb but yeah its not as simple as it sounds.

i know i can make it all the same piece but i need to make it so that it doesnt have model pieces over other pieces. like a shoulder pad for example it has to be connected to the shoulder and have no gaps at all. the same for everything else like the hair and clothes and stuff.

the reason im asking is because ive made some models that are going to be printed out in one of those 3d printers.

so if anyone knows the best way arround this or knows something about 3d printing please help. is there a way that you can get a simple mesh like a sphere to wrap around the model and fit to it making the model all 1 piece? this is very challenging and annoying at the same time lol. oh yeah i cant just go in and weld verts and stuff because ive finished them off in mudbox :S


To fit an object to another object you want to look into the Conform Compound Object (Select an object. > Create panel> Geometry > Compound Objects > Object Type rollout > Conform). The User Reference gives a tutorial on how to conform a road to a landscape if you search the User Reference for “road”. It may just be easier to position the pieces so that they intersect though.

But I think your main tool will be the Boolean Compound Object (Select an object. > Create panel > Geometry > Compound Objects > Object Type rollout > Boolean). An explanation of this is found by searching for “boolean” in the User Reference.

You may also need to apply a Cap Holes modifier to the mesh if there are still gaps in the object for some reason.


thanks ill give it a go


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