I need some help from C4D users! Or from somebody who can help me... :D (modeling)


I’m a really new in these part of cinema 4d … so i have a model what i made… not soo good, but i actually like it because it’s mine. When i trying to moving it … the whole body sliding aparts… so i need some help… what i did wrong? what i have to do?


The C4D section is here:


Your problem is simple. You have a bone in the arm that is not set up properly and is pulling on the polygons of the character’s torso.

I haven’t rigged in C4D for a while, but basically you avoid this by editing the bone’s envelope and painting proper weights.

Also when you model a character, do it in a T-pose like in this image: (it makes rigging less error-prone)


Ask in the C4D forum section. They’ll be able to help you.