I need some help for lighting a martial arts gym


[left]I recently started an animation roject by myself, having a fighter figure being in this gym and workout. The gym is located in a basement. I want to give a dark, spooky effect to the scene. My main problem is i’m not so much into lighting internals for animations. I cant use GI and FG for my scene cause its to expensive for my little pc. I can only afford occl and i dont know how to create an soft ambience effect around the scene with volume lights or so.


I need some suggestions please on how to replace an GI, FG process with someway faster to render.


You can fake FG/GI with a bunch of directional lights pointed at opposing directions (a total of atleast 10) all with extremely low intensities. However this is mostly used for outdoor scenes so it might not work as well indoors.

Another thing you could do is render out a bunch of occlussion passes based on different parts of the scene. For example, one occlussion pass only has the punching bags. Another only has the wall near the punching bags and the cast shadow from the punching bags. Another has the ring. You can then individually color correct all of these to different hues to create some nice effects.


Set your gamma to 2.2
Usually helps a lot, although you might have to adjust your lights a bit.


I agree with the spot light technique.

Another technique I heard about was to use many point lights with a very fast falloff (cubic) and a high enough intensity to reach the walls. Placing those in the center of the room doesn’t allow the hotspots on the ceiling to occur, but the falloff will illuminate.

For an overall ambience you can add an ambient light with a very low shade value. Light linking is crucial here as well, so you dont go lighting your character with 50 lights or whatnot.


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