I need some design criticism on my chartacter sculp


Hello, I’m working on a character, its meant to be a evil faction trooper that storms a space ship, i marked the areas im not sure about in pink https://imgur.com/a/hOH6Lb3 ll add more details on the space between legs cus it will look like crysis nano suit armor, ill also rework the hands to be more anatomicaly correct in the same style


looks like your doing this straight out of zbrush.

lost of stuff to fix but also looks like you have the skill to fix them.

I would say take a few steps back, start a sketchbook thread so that each stage you can get some input or advice or just share where you are at

for this character I would start with the jumpsuit under the mechanics. This is the way studios like legacy fx and iron head handle costume desgin for films like iron man this lets you focus on your forms and anatomy without having to worry about costume elements or end up going back and fourth to much. if the costume design is the focus you could also just start with a scan and put the time into the suit and props. too much to crit here so if you start a thread in sketchbooks let me know and we will get you some help