I need help to Rig a Guitar Case Strap


Hello, I’m new here and never asked for help on online forums but i don’t find any answers anywhere.

I’m currently making a guitar case with shape of a guitar pick for an animation (above image). The base rig it’s easy but im finding a nightmare and headache the strap that mantains the case opened at the maximum angle.

I have no idea how to make it work. I tried Fk but the two ends of the strap rotates. I tried a ribbon rig but its not working perfectly. I tried a little ncloth simulation with pined borders but i don’t seem to get the desired effect.

I want the strap to stretch when the case reaches the maximun aperture and to bend inside the case when it’s closed. I don’t want a realistic bend, a bend with no gravity would be perfect.

Do you have any ideas to help me out with this? I would aprecciate all.


Try using 3 joints not in hierarchy. Parent Constrain the mid joint to both the end joints.