I Need Help My Fellow Animation: Master Users


:bounce: Hello A:M People

I’m a traditional Artist and trying to learn 3d. I just purchaced A:M v11 and the software is great but its hard for me learn it.

Can Anybody give me any advice on how to learn it from basic modeling to advance and evrything. Step by Step guide would be more helpful for me.

I would appreciate if you guys could giude me to a links or tips that you could give to really master this Awesome Software:bounce: I want to start animating my drawing ASAP.

Thanks Guys!!!:thumbsup:


Go here and check-out the tutorials

Go here for video tutorials.


Hi rafkine,

Welcome to A:M, if you looking for some good tutorials to learing the basics I would definatley recomend the video tutorial on the hash site. They are a fast way to get a feel for the program. These tutorials pretty much follow the book that came with A:M

the A:M resource matrix is a great site with lots of user made tutorials http://www.lowrestv.com/arm/

the basic splinemanship tutorials at http://www.alienlogo.com/tincan/
are great for understanding how hash spline work

If you still need help you can always ask on the the hash message board in the new user section. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?act=idx


A very useful and illustrative modeling videotutorial:

Welcome and good luck!:thumbsup:


Thanks Guys:)


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