I need help finishing a 2D, turn-based iOS strategy game


Hi everyone.

I’ve completed a prototype of a turn-based iOS strategy game with programmer art. I need help from an artist to finish it!

About the game:

The game is called Pocket Lords. It’s a 2D, turn-based strategy game in a medieval setting. The campaign map portion of the game is heavily influenced by the Total War series of games (territory management, army building, etc.) The game battles, which take place on a hexagon map, are heavily influenced by classic hex-based war games such as Civil War Generals 2 and The Battle for Wesnoth.

You can see a development trailer and some gameplay videos on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5jojzImUpCvTo-XVPT6xGw

I can also send anyone who is interested with a beta build that you can play on your iPhone/iPad to try out the game.

You can check out the game’s website as well: https://www.irongripgames.com/pocketlords

A little about me:

I’m a long time software developer with a day job that doesn’t involve games. I build games on the side with the hopes of growing a secondary income or perhaps one day being able to develop games full time. I live around Dallas, Texas, USA.

What I need help with:

I’m looking for a creative partner to help me finish this game. (I have other fully finished games with programmer art as well.) It would be helpful if you have an iPhone or an iPad, since this game is for iOS. Ideally, you are gainfully employed like me but you want to build something of your own on the side.

If you’re interested in helping me out with this project or even if you just want to try the game out, please contact me at support@irongripgames.com. I’d love to chat with you about our options for working together.

Thank you for reading.


For anyone reading this, I have found an artist to work with. *No further help is needed at this time.