I need help connecting a specific rig?


Hello. I could really use some help with this character. I cannot figure out how to pose it properly, and it is meant for educational purposes (I did not create it.)
From what I can see, the head and body are two separate meshes, and the rig for the head, and the rig for the body are two separate things, as well.

The problem is that if I start posing the character, the head will not follow the body, and the body will not follow the head. I’ve tried binding the body and head meshes, but when I do this, the rig stops working, and I can’t figure out how to connect the rig again. Binding the mesh and rig from the character dropdown isn’t working, unless I am doing something wrong?

I’ve included my project file, so if someone could take a look at it, and help me figure this out? I’ve been trying for the last three days, and I am still researching and testing right now.

Thank you to anyone who can help. I would really, really appreciate it. :slight_smile: