i need help about LW


hey listen i want to work in lightwave
but i dont have money to buy it it is too much for me
is there eny free lightwave or just to practise or…
pls help me


You can get the LW demo or the discovery edition. Just check out newtek.com :wink:


start saving!


i cant find it
and another thing can i render in the demo?


did you mean NewTek Releases Free LightWave 3D® Discovery Edition?



And yes, you can render in the demo, but I think the renders are watermarked or something. Pretty standard for demos.


Yes they are watermarked and the number of points in modeler is limited to 400?(not sure about it, the “old” DE`s only 200 points) in each layer. If you wanna model something more complex, divide your model up and use the layers so that you are able to save. You can use the merge function to connect the seperated meshes.
Or get the student version for just 395$(non commercial use) ?


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