I Need Advice (schools)


I apologize in advance if this is lengthy, but it is regarding my future in the creative field.

I have been doing general self-study and practice on art for nearly the whole of my 4 years in high school, and I am fixed on pursuing a career in the creative field.
I am now in my last year of high school, with about less than 6 months to go (graduating early 2018) - here is what I need advice in:
I can either study locally or abroad, however, I am much more inclined to study abroad since I feel that the entertainment industry in the west has more opportunities and is more lucrative for the time being at least.
Additionally, I also observe that in terms of quality, the schools I aspire for abroad have a much more appealing portfolio from student alumni, of course given that it will be up to the individual artist to practice and improve their own art, I also want talented and experienced teachers as well as equally motivated peers.
In specifics- I live in the Philippines, so if I were to study here after High school then it would probably be in DLS-CSB- an arts and design school in the capital of Manila pursuing any of their many degrees- this is also the school that many of my classmates in the arts and design strand of Senior High School are going to after we all graduate.
If I were to stay in the country, then life would be very convenient. I can have a driver for school, hang out with old friends and enjoy my college years studying for probably industrial design or animation.
However, I really want to gain a world-class skill set and I would love an environment where I can really practice my own independence and strive for my own journey for excellence in art.
That is where my eyes come to these various high profile schools. Since last year after lots of research, I have come across the options of either going to Singapore or the United States for my creative education after high school.
In Singapore is FZD (Feng Zhu Design) school which I have drooled over for how many years in my recent life. The facilities there look amazing, but what really caught my attention is how intense the studying there is and the amazing results from the students. Their portfolios look simply breathtaking and the entire environment feels very professional. Although, it is focused on 2d. Another school in Singapore which I recently looked at is 3dsense media school however honestly speaking I am quite skeptical about this one due to its price and study timeline.
I am going to visit both of these schools on a family trip to Singapore later on in December to examine their facilities and other things more closely; as well as what they have to say.
In the United States the schools I’m looking at as a final choice are located in Los Angeles, California. These schools are Gnomon which is in my eyes similar to FZD due to pricing and professional feel but also it has 3d and other courses, not just design which makes it very versatile for the creative skillset. I looked at their website, seen their alumni and student reels and have nothing else to say but wow! This is my first choice if I were to choose the States. The other option here is the ArtCenter College of Design in LA as well and honestly this for me just seems like a better version of various other colleges.
To note, It is said many times that your portfolio is basically your degree when it comes to media, and I agree with this statement to a large extent. That is why most of these schools mentioned do not have a bachelors degree upon graduation but rather certificates. I am looking for the skills and the environment, teachers who know what they are talking about, can help each of their students thoroughly in their development and classmates who are likeminded in this search for ultimate improvement.
My parents were honestly skeptical about this, degrees means alot when getting jobs in the Philippines but I’ve convinced them enough that they will support whatever I choose here, so although finance will not be an issue, they themselves say that they prefer me to go to LA instead of Singapore.
Additionally, when it comes to art colleges I’ve heard many art students complain about debt and several videos about why art school is a waste of time and money from some of my most idolized artists including Noah Bradley. This lead me to not trust the whole degree thing even more and just led me to focus on traditional art quality in terms of realism- I believe style can be focused on after the fundamentals are extremely solid.
Heck, even one of my classmates who is also going abroad for school quit his pursuit of SCAD. He was probably convinced of it after a representative came to our school to advertise themselves to us, and so I asked him why he quit that option after so many months telling us how much he planned on going there- and the one thing he said to me was- student reviews…
This is why I really want a good school. I know that in the end it’s you as the artist that will decide how objectively good your work is going to be, so in addition to that; I want teachers who will push that motivation down your gut and mind, support and encourage you no matter how mentally tiring it gets and most of all criticize you as harshly as you need be told.
An environment that exhibits the creative process and fosters rapid growth whilst also giving the chance to be able to meet lifelong friends, potential business partners and teachers who will help you up to searching for a job.

With all that said, I would like to ask you the reader on your own input on this, especially if you have experience with these sort of things.
Your insights are greatly appreciated!!


The first step to solid advice on this topic is for people to take a look at some of your current work. You are picking from a dream crop of schools that all have their strengths but some as you mentioned FZD and Gnomon are actually very different depending on what specific position you are looking to pursue. Post 7 to 10 examples of your work from the past 6 months along with more input on what research you have done about jobs in the industry and where you see yourself fit. What are the 5 studios you would choose to work for and why ( this might and probably should expand later)? What country do you plan on working in. Will a degree help with that process if you need to work somewhere else? This is the thing good counselors and admin should help you with and many will. It helps a lot when professionals from the studios here help you go into those meetings to see if the administrators are advising you, or selling you a package. The best bet is to do as much research prior to those meetings as possible so nice start here.

Post examples of your work.
What software have you started out with.
What are some examples of professional work you see yourself working towards one day.
How much time are you spending weekly on your craft

You have to be inspired and motivated first so a fair amount of fan art or inspiration is expected if you are serious about it you want to balance that with research studies and experience with software and general knowledge of what studios need rather than what you hear.


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How long did it take you to come to this point and handle the situation?


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