I need a "useless" if-then loop and do until or do while loop


Aight, so our final project for Visual Basic 1 is the following:

Create an application with …(bunch of stuff goes here)…

However, the application I developed so far, which is just a log to keep track of who checked out what equipment from the stock room, does not seem to have any place I can fit an if then loop as well as a do while or wait until loop. The instructor says we have to include it in the program, though it need not be related to the program at all. Can anyone recommend some really mundane visual use of the code such that I can fulfill the requirement for the program? Or if you can offer a “useful” but easy use of it, that’d be great too.


Well here’s a really inefficient resource hog that could use those structures. Assuming you’re writing an interface for people to check stuff out of a storeroom…

if ( input receieved )

process input…


draw flashy grpahics logo…

} while ( exit button not pressed )


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