I need a tutorial for C4D on Lip Syncing...adding voice to characters I import to C4D


I’ve searched everywhere and have had no luck. I found one that was made with an earlier version of the program that showed how to add a sound effector, then use XPresso. I was able to follow as he added the sound box to the XPresso window, then the sample box, yet when he went to poses he lost me due to different functions our programs had.

If I need another program to add the lip syncing to my characters first then bring them into C4D, please guide me to an inexpensive or free on that works with C4D. I’m using 2023.1.3 I think.

Thank you so much, I love this program yet really need to be able to add voices to characters I import.


You might find a workflow utilizing Character Animator to After Effects to C4D.
Watch this > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trlcb0uAZrw