the site hosting this plug-in isnt working correctly or something. i was wondering if anyone already has it and can send it to me.


i will really appreciate it.


David Ikedas Select Loop does the same thing, for both points and polygons! www.davidikeda.com :buttrock:


not only does it do the same thing, but it does it far better. in both point mode and poly mode, you can select loops in symmetry mode, and you can select multiple loops (also in symmetry mode). many of the other tools are indespensable, too. for example, FI’s Jigsaw will not work with multiple loops in symmetry mode, but the Cut tool with Ikeda’s plugin does.


Originally posted by LyonHaert
not only does it do the same thing, but it does it far better.

I’ll vouch for that! I used to use 3DD PRselect quite often in my day-to-day modeling but I always hated that it selected the points non-sequentially, so you couldn’t for instance make a polygon from the resulting selection. David’s Select Loop plugin selects loops in sequential order, plus it works in symmetry mode (as most of them do). After trying them out, I immediately replaced numerous other 3rd-party tools (and even a few LW-native ones!) with his Powertools. :thumbsup:


I agree. Get Davids powertools. Multiple loops, working in Symmetry mode. Thats the way to go :buttrock:


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